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Victoria Walker Elementary

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Victoria Walker Elementary


This 2010-2011 school year is the first Pennies for Pets effort by Victoria Walker Elementary!   And, did they EVER come out of the gate setting the pace!!!   With Principal Suzanne Keith's blessing and leadership from Lori Janick, Victoria Walker Elem's Librarian, this student body did an outstanding job by collecting $2,001.72 -- in pennies!!   INCREDIBLE!!!

These children were like sponges in learning about responsible pet ownership and they shared stories of their own pets with us when we went to speak to them at the end of the year.  They asked questions and they listened intently to answers - eager to learn!  The kids appeared to have a good time and visiting with them and their teachers was a wonderful experience for us, too!  

Of course, everyone loved Buck and were very impressed to realize that Buck was a shelter dog saved from euthanasia - twice!  

The children saw first-hand what a dog rescued from a shelter can become and realized the virtue of adopting a pet rather than buying one from a breeder.  We also talked about how to care for pets and how important it is to give them attention and love in addition to a clean place to sleep, good food, and lots of fresh water.


 Buck showed his appreciation to the Victoria Walker children for their interest and their gifts to his friends who are still out there without homes!  He visited with everyone and let them touch him and talk to him at length.


Thank you, again and again, Victoria Walker Elementary, Ms. Janick, and Principal Keith for your wonderful outpouring of compassion and help for animals like Buck who would never find a home without people like you who are supporting efforts to save them.  


We look forward to seeing you again Next Year! 

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