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Happy Tails

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Penny (Update)

It's been quite some time since I sent an update on my sweet Penny.  I just wanted to pass on a few new pictures of her.  We recently moved to a new place and my bed sits up against a window and she just loves to stare out of it and watch the pesky squirrels all day long.  She wishes so badly she could catch them! 

She went through a 6-week obedience program last summer and mastered some great skills and has mellowed out a good deal since I adopted her nearly 2 years ago (afterall, she is 3.5 now)  I can hardly believe the time has gone by so quickly! 

Her new obsession is the pool cleaner at my parents' house.  She will run around the pool for hours trying to catch it, dunking her WHOLE head under water.  She has succeeded on a few occasions.  

She is the quirkiest, funniest dog you can possibly imagine.  I love her to pieces!

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Wanted to let you and Lynette know that Penny is doing fine.  I'm taking her to my vet tomorrow to get her Heartgard and set up files.  She is adjusting quickly to the metal steps outback, as a matter of fact she just runs up and down them because she can.  And, unlike my previous dogs, she doesn't mind the rain: getting her paws wet or even herself.  I am enjoying her so much.  I think all of my employees have been for a visit, and they have been bringing her lots of playthings.  I hope Mattie is doing ok without her sister.  Will keep you informed of any changes!

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Marilyn, I had a dream last night that you came to the house to check on Barney – who knows why; maybe all that Ellen Degeneris/Iggy drama – so I thought to write.  Barney is the love of our lives!  Chris says he doesn’t know why we have the other pets; he absolutely loves that dog although I remind him that the others are wonderful, too.  Remember how he didn’t want a third pooch?  The kids adore him, too.  Karenna carried him under her sweater half way during our walk yesterday because she insisted he was cold – although I know he’d prefer to walk and just tolerated her carrying him, the way he tolerated her putting a sweater on him before the walk. The other day she put him on a skateboard to see if he knew how to stay on it…and he had a blast being [gently] pushed on the skateboard for a doggie treat.

 He’s still spunky and is currently giving our painters (redoing the upstairs) a piece of his mind, which in its way is also cute.  He always calms down in a minute or two.  And, he enjoys each day playing with his two “brother” dogs and the babysitter’s two Chihuahuas. 

 With all the sadness you must see, I thought you’d like to know that Mr. Barney is doing great.

 Hugs & blessings,  MaryJane

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We found our wonderful boy Bouncer through your website a year ago in October and drove from West Houston to Pasadena Animal Control to check him out. Though he was terrified, sickly looking and very scraggly, we ended up applying to adopt him that day and can say it was the best decision we ever made! He is more sweet, loyal, loving and adorable then we ever imagined and the whole family is truly smitten. When we got him home and to the vet, we learned that he had heartworm, roundworm, and hookworm. It took several months and lots of work to get rid of the heartworm, but he is now a very healthy, happy, energetic boy! After getting well, he gained a good bit of weight, his hair grew in much softer, and his personality changed completely.  He is still very scared and timid around boxes, luggage, vacuum cleaners, and the like, which we think is a result of being abused in his past life, but he has become very good with people, children, and other dogs.  He sleeps on mom and dad's bed every night, and loves to sprawl out on his back. We have also decided that he might just be the snuggliest dog ever in the mornings when he wakes up and nuzzles his head into the blankets and his parents.  We ended up keeping his shelter name, Bouncer, because we quickly learned that he loves to bounce of top of tennis balls when he fetches.  He also loves to go for long walks to make sure he hits every spot in the neighborhood. He is a big time mama's boy and won't wander too far from mom's side when at the dog park or in the field. Thank you so much for making sure he stayed safe at the Pasadena Animal Control center, because we don't know what we would do without our Bouncer! 

Sincerely, Melissa, Brandon and Emma

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Holly knows how to get comfy in her forever home!

Mary says, "She smiles all the time.....happy, happy pup!!"

December 7, 2011

Hello from our Family,

I just wanted to send you some recent fun pics of the 2 furry friends you blessed us with this past year. I hope you remember them. Both are doing great and are with a clean bill of health. Great, great additions to our family. They get along great and are doing so well and are VERY spoiled. Barney has a love for the water as he jumped into our pool all the time in the summer, goes crazy over splashing and floats. Angie tends to be more laid back and just observes his craziness. She's my baby, so very gentle and loyal. Both are very good and have a lot of friends at our local dog park. I can't thank you enough for the great year this year and are looking forward to the years to come. I hope the volunteers and family of the Humane Society have a great holiday season. You all are angels in disguise to all furfriends. I only hope this next year is even better than the previous. 

Bless you all.  -Jaime

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Hi, my other Mom. Just wanted to let you know I love my new home and mommy. I am so spoiled already. The cat (Alex) is afraid of me. Ha Ha. I go outside to potty all the time now and have a lot of toys. I sleep with my Mommy every night. We cuddle a lot. My mommy told me we were going to take some pictures of me and send to you and Marilyn. She is really busy right now but will be taking them soon. Thank you again for saving me and giving me a good home.


"Emma" or Baby Em

P.S. I say my prayers at night.

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Hi Marilyn, 

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

We will also thank you for bringing Dixie to our lives, she is the most precious dog ever, and the whole family, and all our friends, loves her tender demeanor. January 10th we’ve had her for 1 year – unbelievable! She’s gained 7 pounds, is a very happy dog and she loves her twice daily walks.  

       Best regards from Jorunn and family.

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Duke & Farley

Can you believe Duke and Farley have been with us 8 months?  Time flies so fast, it seems like only yesterday when we first welcomed them home last October.  We owe you pictures and updates.  Here is a link to an album of pictures covering the past 6 months since you last saw them. 

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Hi Marilyn,

I just wanted you to know that everything is still going so well with Cubbie.  You're going to have to break the news to Cheryl that there's no way I'm giving this one back!  She's so loving and gentle with everyone she meets.  Not to mention everyone who meets her, wants to take her with them.....she's such a doll!!       

I've attached some of the pictures that I've taken recently.  I can't get her and Leo to pose together for the life of me though!  :o(     She's still learning how to walk on a leash but she improves every time we go out.  And there's the cat issue....she still doesn't know what to make of Oliver.  She chases him like crazy just to sit in front of him and paw at him when she catches him.  It's become really amusing because both of them seem so bewildered by each other.  Cubbie and Leo have become good friends now too (thank goodness).  If they aren't playing together, they're asleep next to each other.  They make me smile every day.

I can't thank you and Cheryl enough for Cubbie and all that you've done!  I hope all is well with you and with the new little guy Cheryl has now.   I'll be in touch and send you more pictures soon!


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Cassi (foster name Dani) is the queen of our house.  She loves to sit in the big window of our motor home to watch the birds on the feeder I hang on trees.  She also watches the hummingbirds as they zip by.  This is our annual trip to Garner State Park.  She is a very special dog and the light of our lives. 


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My name is Charlie (it was Lonny while I was waiting at the shelter for my new family to find me), and my story just keeps getting better!  I have a new home with Mom & Dad, Traveler (another dog), and Cleo the cat.  I sleep on a big, fluffy round pillow, have a HUGE yard for me to run and play in, and get a real steak treat every morning with my breakfast.  Sure beats the food  and my bed at the shelter!

I love to play chase with Traveler while we run up and down the hill in the back yard.  I also have lots of toys for outside and inside.  Traveler and I get taken for a walk around the neighborhood every day; all the neighbors love me!  I’m very friendly and never get mad at anyone.

I am learning house manners.  I know how to sit and to wait as Mom puts the food in my bowl.  Since I am now housetrained, I no longer have to sleep in a kennel at night.  I do tend to sometimes chew on something I shouldn’t, so I get into trouble once in a while.  I apologize with kisses, and all is well.  I don’t chase the cat, and she appreciates that!  I haven’t quite mastered the word “stay”; it’s awfully difficult not to follow Mom into every room!  Mom talks about my going to “school”.  Maybe I can learn some tricks!

Thank you Baytown Humane Society – it’s through you that I am a very happy boy who is loved and loves back unconditionally.  -Charlie


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Dear Marilyn


Its me Bingle ( Formerly Opey). Its been a year since I adopted these people and their trial basis is over. I have fully accepted them as my people/parents. Things have been pretty good around here. The walks, car rides, weekly park visits, grandparent visits, and most of all the love/attention they give me. They even took me to a hotel in the New Orleans French Quarter for a few days and I played tourist.


They have a great yard here for me to run and play in and I have made friends with the neighbors pets also. I still love to run and sleep on my back (my people don't understand the sleep position - One day I'll explain it to them). I am very affectionate to my people and they love me for just being me.


Thank you for giving me a nice home with people to call my very own.




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Thought I would share a couple pics I had taken of Austin.  Just so you know I have the best dog ever.  Still goes everywhere with me and everyone keeps treats in their drawers at work just for him. Had to get on to them a few times, cause he is putting on some pounds...  Hard to believe when I got him he weighed 54lbs and now 105lbs.   He truly is the best dog. Thank you once again for everything you do. -Bobby


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Hi There,

I adopted Augustus about  a year ago and he is doing so well and has settled in great.

If you can't tell by the picture, I think he has grown leaps and bounds since I adopted him.  He finally grew into his feet, since he was a 6 toe and all.  Augustus is one of the prettiest cats and he gets so much attention for his handsome looks and his extra toes.  He gets along great with my other cats and has plenty of room to play out here.  I have 5 cats all together and all them are as different as can be from one another. 

The cat pictured below is BOB, a manx kittie and as you can see they get along great.  Just thought I'd drop you a line and leave a little update on his wonderful progress.  It was a great pleasure adopting him from you all and y'all are doing a great job.

Thank you so much,

Nicole Gibson & Augustus

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Hi Marilyn,

Just thought I'd send another picture. Annabelle is doing great!

She is a wonderful girl!

Happy Holidays!  -Jennifer and Matt

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Angel & Stella


Thought you would enjoy pictures of Stella and Angel. The two of them are best buds! They are constantly playing and chewing on each other's faces (or sleeping). Angel thinks she is a lap dog and likes to lay across Lisa's lap while we're watching TV. She also seems to like to invite herself into our bed (sometimes while we're asleep) and keep our feet warm.

And then of course there's meal time. Still eats her food in about 15 seconds and does spins while waiting. And then Stella will taunt her by showing her the food that is left in her bowl and daring her to try and get it.


Hope all is well.


Martin & Lisa

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Hi Marilyn!  All is wonderful here in "Deakinsville".  Abby has been continuing to settle in and is making terrific strides in the process!  She's such a joy to have.  She's more playful everyday going and picking up toys to toss or chew (especially tennis balls).  She sleeps by Maddie at times and at others she'll keep to herself.  Sometimes she's on her bed on the floor and at others she's up on the couch or our bed, where I keep a quilt for them to lay on.  Her appetite is normal.  She runs and plays outside or chooses to bag the rays while laying in the sun (soo cute)!  Of course the cat is available entertainment for her as well, but she's never tried to hurt her.  The cat will even lay on our bed and nap when Abby is up there...go figure.  She's doing better leash walking around the neighborhood and acts like a child filled with excitement to be out when we take her!  Her nose is obviously her guide at these times and it's a thrill to watch her track.  She's just soo smart!  I love how she cocks her head and raises her ears when she hears high pitched-sounds, curious like a pup!  I guess I could go on and on about how much we love her and feel she's always been meant to be part of our family Marilyn.  I feel destiny and God's best has been fulfilled in her coming to us.  Abby has and continues to bring such joy to us and we love lovin' her! 

I'm so thankful to be a "stay at home mom"!  The time I have with them is precious to me.

Take care and our best to you both! ~Becky

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Angie & Barney

December 7, 2011

Hello from our Family,


I just wanted to send you some recent fun pics of the 2 furry friends you blessed us with this past year. I hope you remember them. Both are doing great and are with a clean bill of health. Great, great additions to our family. They get along great and are doing so well and are VERY spoiled. Barney has a love for the water as he jumped into our pool all the time in the summer, goes crazy over splashing and floats. Angie tends to be more laid back and just observes his craziness. She's my baby, so very gentle and loyal. Both are very good and have a lot of friends at our local dog park. I can't thank you enough for the great year this year and are looking forward to the years to come. I hope the volunteers and family of the Humane Society have a great holiday season. You all are angels in disguise to all furfriends. I only hope this next year is even better than the previous. Bless you all.  -Jaime


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I want to take this opportunity to bring you up-to-date with Faith. It's been 3 years since you brought Faith to us in College Station. I can't believe that the time has passed so quickly. Faith has been the the consummate companion and we love her beyond words. She's my buddy and never tires of being loved on. She is the gentlest soul I've ever encountered and is terrific with children of all ages. In fact, I can't recall her ever growling in anger or ever snapping at anyone. We have been so blessed to have her in our lives.

I play with her at every opportunity and she responds in kind. She travels well and loves our grandchildren - ages 4 and 1.  Faith has no fear of strangers and is a friend to anyone paying any attention to her.

I loved our other dogs but my love for this girl goes beyond words. You may recall we had lost our Aussie after 14 years, having her die in our arms after a heart attack in December. Sandi and I had decided that we would wait at least 6 months before we decided if we would consider another dog. Why I was on your web site or why I chose to read about Faith is a mystery. But I know that her bio touched my heart and I knew instantly that we belonged together. I wanted to give her the love she deserved and she has rewarded us by being everything we could have hoped for and more.

Thank you for all you do and for bringing us together. Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring you health and joy,  Bill

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My name is Dana and I adopted one of the kittens that Kit Adams fostered....I have renamed him Hobbes...I have had him since March, and he has become a part of my family....with my Golden Retriever and Black Lab.  He is so sweet, and I know that he would have been put down if Kit had not taken the time to foster 5 of the kittens at that time....I am attaching a photo of him...I am so lucky to have him share his life with me.

Thanks so much to you and the volunteers....for giving Hobbes a chance.


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I thought you might like some more pictures of Inky. He is such a joy! He has really enjoyed meeting all my piano students and he gets a lot of attention from all the people waiting for the students (parents and siblings)-he sure knows how to get people to pet him!

We got his doggie door, and I have an appt next Tues. for his teeth cleaning.  We love walking him and now he is adored by all the neighbors. (Except the cats.........)

On the pictures, you will see him in the backyard looking up at the trees and protecting us from squirrels. He also thinks the mailman is evil and he protects us from him too!


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