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Throwaway Dog Teaches Children

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Many of you may remember that last summer, an abused German Shepherd mix dog was discovered in a water-filled ditch on Wade Road in Baytown, TX where he had been discarded to die. The dog was named Wade to remind us of his beginnings, and we set about to make Wade well again.

As so often is the case with dogs, only the physical-Wade had to be healed. The spirit of Wade was undaunted in the wake of his abuse, and he loved and trusted us from the beginning. This sweet dog's soul is as pure and unscarred as the day he was born.

The process of healing the physical-Wade was arduous. He underwent amputation of his left rear leg, heartworm treatment, and neuter surgery. This only after stringent de-worming to rid him of every intestinal parasite known to man! He needed to gain weight, he needed to stay quiet, and he needed to learn to walk again. Wade did all of these things with a sweetness that would break your heart.

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