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Third Annual "Pennies for Pets" at James Bowie Elementary

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The James Bowie Elementary School kindergarten classes of Ms. Janie Harris, Ms. Javona Jordan, Ms. Dana Loria, and Ms. Jennifer Wade held a "Pennies for Pets" campaign for the second consecutive year.  This year, these young children collected 9,095 pennies which translates into a donation to Baytown Humane Society in the amount of $90.95.  There was also a nice bag of dog treats, cat collars, and pet toys donated to the animals.The effort, spearheaded by Ms. Javona Jordan, serves a dual purpose.  The teachers utilize the collection of pennies to teach the children to count; and the children then donate the collection to Baytown Humane Society to help the homeless animals of the region. 

Baytown Humane Society's Chairman, Marilyn Kinney says, "We are so grateful for the donation, and equally happy that these children are learning to contribute their time and money to a cause they really care about.  How wonderful it is for them to be taught at such a young age to identify a cause they believe in and then to do whatever they can to support that cause.  It can be something as simple as collecting pennies.  Every effort counts!"

When Baytown Humane Society attends the presentation ceremony, we always bring along an animal from the Society to show the children what wonderful pets can be adopted from shelters and to let them see an example of how their donation will be spent.

"Rufus," a Basset/German Shepherd mix who was rescued from an Animal Control facility, was on-hand to accept the contribution on behalf of other homeless animals in Baytown.  He was also there as an ambassador of good will to bring together animal and human innocents. 

The children LOVED Rufus and he ADORED them and all the attention they heaped upon him.  Even children who were at first afraid to touch a dog were giving him hugs by the time he had to leave. 

The children listened intently to Rufus' story and saw in him a prime example of how their $90.95 contribution would be used.  Rufus came into Baytown Humane Society's Foster Care Program as a sick, very frightened and hopeless dog.  But, thanks to donations such as this, Rufus is no longer to be pitied!  He is healthy, happy and in a foster home that adores him. The future is bright for Rufus.  And the contribution made by these very young children will brighten the future for some other hopeless animal!

To all the kindergarten children at James Bowie, from all the animals you will help with your donation, Rufus says, "THANK YOU for your kindness and may you always find a sunny spot in which to nap!"

From Baytown Humane Society to the four teachers who made this possible, we stand in admiration of your effort to teach America's young MORE than reading, writing and arithmetic.

THANK YOU, James Bowie Kindergarten
Classes of 2003

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