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The Story of Wade

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On April 14th, 2004, Trina Saunders, Debbie Johnson and I rescued this beautiful, innocent animal from Wade Road where he had been dumped in a ditch filled with water to die...from his wounds, from starvation, from being hit by a car...the person who dumped him along with all the garbage on the roadside didn't care how he died.

"Wade" has an awful wound to his left rear foot and leg...Bones are exposed, flesh is missing, a pad is barely hanging on, there's literally a hole through his foot, an obvious oozing wound from wire higher on his leg and the ever-present ants.

Yes, that's the floor you see between the bones in his foot!

This beautiful animal was thrown away as useless, not important, something of no value whatsoever....yet, this dog is gentle, forgiving, loving, and a perfect example of what God says we humans should strive to be... Gentle, Forgiving, Loving.....

Most likely "Wade," who let us pick him up and move him into the car and again out of it...all the while wagging his tail slowly, will probably have to have his leg amputated. He will have a fairly long recovery period, but one fine day he will be healthy and will move around as well on three legs as his counterparts do on four. "Wade" has that to look forward to; but for now he spent last night as comfortably as possible. He's been told what a good dog he is, he's been fed, he's safe and now he faces the vet and limb amputation tomorrow.

Wade needs our help, and we need your help! Please tell Wade's story and ask for help with the medical costs that Baytown Humane Society is about to incur with the healing of Wade. Even small amounts add up!!

It's going to be expensive, but just look in that face... worth every nickel! This boy has paid his dues, and it's his turn now... Like Debbie told him when we three converged on him and were sickened by his condition, "Boy, your Hell is over now!" And truer words were never spoken...

Wade can rest now on the wings of angels...

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