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The Friends of Wade

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The True Spirit of Giving is Alive in Colorado!

Those of you who followed Wade's story may recall the gift box he received from the nice family in Denver! Well, those same people, along with several of their friends in Austin have done it again. This time for ALL the animals that have need, since the mission has been accomplished for Wade!

Marie & Chris Donahue, along with their gorgeous Chocolate Lab, Jackson Brown, got together with Michelle Kolb, Scott Stumbo, Jake (Yellow Lab), Libbie Collins, Scott Coleman, Emma (Black Lab), Jen Jackson and Jester, (Yellow Lab) and decided that it would be so much nicer to send a check and a box of much needed items to BHS rather to exchange gifts among themselves!

The package arrived packed with items, both practical & playful. Inside the box were tennis balls, collars & leashes, Adams Flea Spray, bottles of liquid Benadryl, boxes of treats, and a pet brush. There was also a generous check enclosed that will help tremendously in vetting and caring for the animals in our program.

What a grand idea of how to experience the true spirit of Christmas! These good friends obviously have in common a love for animals, and it looks like Labrador Retrievers are their particular favorite! How wonderful that they would all agree to donate to an organization that is working hard for the animals hundreds of miles away from any of them, as their Christmas gift to one another.

A VERY special group of people, to be sure; and Baytown Humane Society is so proud to call them our friends. We are truly honored to have been the chosen recipient of their gifts and the items are already being dispursed among our foster homes.

The money will take a BIG chunk out of the veterinarian bill just incurred this weekend for spay/neuter, vaccinations, heart worm test on 2 new foster dogs, and heartworm treatment on another. Perfect Timing!!

Heartfelt "Thanks" goes out to each and every one of these Christmas Angels! Your selflessness means so much to us and to the animals who will benefit directly from your good deed!

Christmas Blessing to each of you throughout the entire year!

Marilyn Kinney

Chairman, BHS

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