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Sugar Goes to Chruch

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Sugar Goes To Church


Sugar, the little precious dog who was abandoned in the backyard by her family,

was invited to attend Church on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010, to receive gifts from the Congregation of

 St. Mark's United Methodist Church!  

Sugar was very excited to go, and so proud to represent all her other friends in rescue! 

She acted like a lady the whole time, and she greeted the nice people who stopped to say "Hello"

and give her a little encouragement. 

She even stood at the podium while the lady explained to the congregation just why she was there, and while her human representative said Thank You on her behalf to the wonderful people who raised funds and collected a basket of gifts for the animals in the Foster home program at Baytown Humane Society. 


What a wonderful gathering of Christians at St. Mark's!!   During the month of January, BHS was the organization targeted in their "Change the World" project.  Their kindness and generosity were evident when they presented BHS with a wonderful check and a basket of things for our pets to enjoy.  Of course, Sugar got first dibs on the goodies in the basket!!

Thank You, St. Mark's United Methodist Church staff and members!  


Your monetary gift is more than enough to pay for the heartworm treatment that Sugar underwent late last week.  She's doing well, and You had a direct hand in helping to make her healthy enough to begin her search for a new home and family!  


We wish you all well and hope you will keep up with Sugar's journey to good health and a happy home.


Amen...... Bow Wow!  



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