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Highlands Elementary

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Children Collect Donations for the Animals

Highlands Elementary Library recently held a week-long book fair hosted by Librarian, Renee DeHoyos. The announcement was, "Read a Great Tale," with Tale being a play on the spelling of Tail, since the books were to have a pet theme. For added interest, Mrs. DeHoyos called on Baytown Humane Society for some props to perpetuate the theme and pique the interest of the children.

We took the picture-frame room divider we try to keep current with photos and captions about 15 of the adoptable animals in the BHS Foster Care Program. We also provided bookmarks that bear not only our Logo and contact information; but, a photo of a dog or cat along with a quick message of interest or little known fact about pets.

Mrs. DeHoyos reported that both items were a big hit! The children took the whole event a step further, and collected two boxes of pet toys, leashes & collars to donate to Baytown Humane Society.

From the left, Holly Forrest, Blaine Springer & Megan Henby are bringing the items from the school to give to BHS. What a great idea, and just imagine how much enjoyment will be had by homeless pets as these gifts are distributed. It may be the very first toy or collar for many of our incoming homeless animals!

Once again, the teachers and faculty of a local school are teaching the children to give back to their community and they are promoting such good values in the children. We at Baytown Humane Society applaude their ingenuity in doing it and we know these lessons will help shape the future opinions and actions of these young people.

Thank You Highlands Elementary, and Mrs. DeHoyos in particular, for your extra effort in instilling in the children pet awareness as well as the ethics of giving to a good cause.

You have joined the ranks of several other fine Elementary Schools in the area that have each found a niche for teaching the children and helping the animals at the same time. Again, "Thank you" from all of us at BHS, the animals currently in our program, and future animals who will need our help, too!

Marilyn Kinney, Chairman

Baytown Humane Society

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