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Glamour Dogs

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Glamour Dog Event a Big Success!!


Thank you to all who came out last Saturday to have photos made of your dogs (there was even a Pig in attendance!) and yourselves at the "Glamour Dogs" event held by Baytown Photo Club to benefit Baytown Humane Society!


The event, dubbed Glamour Dogs was spearheaded by club member, Jane Howard-Lee. Jane's ideas and coordination of plans brought about a very organized and successful fundraiser generating over $900!   Absolutely Fantastic, but not accomplished without a lot of hard work by many wonderful people!


Photo Club members and professional photographers, Valerie Adame and Randi Turman, showed their skills in photographing animals, small children and adults with great patience throughout the day. They took many, many pictures of each participant and from those chose the very best to further apply their talents to over the past week by making edits and adjustments to perfect the photos that go out to the clients.  Hard, trying work, no doubt; but, these two ladies did it right and the end results are fantastic.  What a bargain for the client, and what a blessing for Baytown Humane Society!


Baytown Photo Club's Chairman, Gary Erwin; and Vice-Chairman, Liz Caldwell were wonderful supporters of the occasion. Our Thanks go to them and to Club members, Joanne Bromley O'Donnell and Thresa Hester and her granddaughter, Allie, who all helped wrangle the dogs (and that pig!) into position for their glamour shots! And lots of praise to John Cantrell who had the laborious task of setting up and breaking down those photo sets!! Every single one worked so diligently all day to make the affair a success - and succeed, they did! THANK YOU!!


Special mention also goes to the Baytown Parks and Recreation Department who made the Bark Park available to the Photo Club for the purpose of this event. Everything was well-coordinated, organized and went off without a hitch!


Baytown Photo Club Chairman, Gary Erwin presents Glamour Dog proceeds to Marilyn Kinney, Chairman of Baytown Humane Society.

Thank You one and all!  The Baytown Photo Club and the animal-loving pet owners who came out to support Baytown Humane Society are who made this event such a successful one.  It took everyone working together to accomplish the goal!  Our appreciation to each of you is real and sincere; and the animals, that you will probably never personally meet, will reap the total benefit of your efforts!  THAT's the Greatest Accomplishment of all!


Most Gratefully,








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