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GE Aero Energy Safety Fair

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GE Aero Energy Safety Fair

GE Aero Energy in Channelview invited Baytown   Humane Society to join in the fun at their Safety Fair and to bring some   animals along, too!  We did just that, and also provided lots of   information concerning the virtues of spay/neuter and responsible pet   ownership.  The employees of GE Aero Energy were simply wonderful to   help us out at every opportunity, and they seemed to LOVE the animals we brought with us.  We got several adoption applications, shirt sales were   brisk and the collection box saw many generous donors!

Ruth Baten, a GE   employee and a BHS volunteer, was pivotal in making the arrangements and  reserving the perfect space for our needs.  Special thanks to you, Ruth,   for your hard work that made it so easy for us!  It was an honor to be   invited and a pleasure being with the great people at GE Aero Energy,   Channelview.  

Thank you, and we look forward to next year!

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