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You may remember Dixie, the Basset who was rescued with a broken leg, heartworms, intestinal parasites, and a small growth between her eyes, only to discover that she was Also Pregnant???   Well, as you know she overcame all of those maladies and gave birth to three healthy puppies, thanks to the rescuers, foster home, and community support.  All three of her pups found wonderful homes, and Dixie was adopted by her foster parents. 

One thing few people knew about the foster family was that they were expecting a new baby throughout this whole ordeal!  =)   Well, the baby arrived just as Dixie was completing her recovery from heartworm treatment, and all of her puppies had been placed.  So, naturally, Dixie has taken up her role as Mommy to this new baby.  Because the foster parents are intelligent, loving people, they are so happy to see Dixie's outpouring of love toward their precious newborn.  Dixie will no doubt act as a very capable babysitter as this child matures.  Some stories are just too wonderful to keep to ourselves, so we got permission to show Dixie in a classic display of loving protectiveness with this precious newborn and her sweet playfulness with their older child. 

There simply couldn't be a happier ending to Dixie's story!






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