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Blessed are the Little Children

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Well, adults could take a lesson from the children living in Baytown and Mont Belvieu!  The Pennies for Pets Programs are going strong and growing, too!  Just keep in mind that these results are primarily from preschool-aged children!  The Fifth Grade is the highest grade that participated in these fundraisers, and that was at San Jacinto Elementary. 


Alamo Elementary's Pennies for Pets program was spearheaded by Mrs. Javona Jordan again this year.  These children had just gotten started with the program, when the curriculum was changed; and it had to become an abbreviated effort... Nevertheless, even with only a short run at it, these little guys raised a total of $85 with their pennies!!  It was Mrs. Jordan who started the entire Pennies for Pets concept several years ago.  Her classes and those of other Alamo teachers have raised hundreds for the animals!


Barbers Hill Kindergarten has two classes that continually participate in the fundraising effort for homeless animals at Baytown Humane Society.  Recently, Mrs. Black's class raised an impressive $115.42, and Mrs. Bonin's class gave them some real competition at $102.50.  A total of $ 217.92!  These children are learning to give of their own resources in order to help alleviate pain or illness in a homeless animal!  Mrs. Black's and Mrs. Bonin's classes are turning out well-rounded youngsters and providing a good firm base on which the parents and the teachers of the future can continue to build and expand these young minds and principles.


San Jacinto Elementary involved their entire school in the Pennies for Pets effort.  This was the first year they participated, and did they ever start of with a bang!!  The 400 to 450 students, ranging from first grade to fifth grade, raised One Hundred Forty-one Thousand, Nine Hundred five pennies!!!! That's $1,419.05 raised to help BHS help the homeless and injured animals in  Baytown and the surrounding area!  Unbelievable!!!  Here's a click to see pictures of the representatives from each class presenting the check to Luther and me; and some shots of the children interacting with Lu-Lu.  Two of the kids even bestowed Mardi Gras beads on him! 


Not Pennies for Pets from little children, but equally indicative of the initiative our young people and because they are great kids, the AVID class at Sterling High School collected $113.62 to donate specifically to the rescue and vetting effort of an emaciated and very ill Great Dane named Otis who was released to us by his neglectful owner.  These AVID students are remarkable young Americans!  Their donation helped a LOT with the cost of rehabbing Otis!  Otis is now finishing his recuperation in his new home where he is loved beyond words, and will never, ever again be neglected in a backyard till he's nearly dead!


These are all examples of true giving and working together to reach a goal.  Each of these kids, every single one, is remarkable!  And each one is being taught that there are Great Principles of Life to be learned even at this early age.


Each and every one of the teachers who have made this knowledge available to them are even MORE remarkable.  They could have just come in to their classes every day, done the standard lessons, and called it a day.  But, these teachers understand how important it is for children to learn that a group effort towards a single goal can bring about success, that there are causes worth that effort, that animals are a worthy cause.  And on a more personal one-on-one level they are teaching children that all living beings deserve kindness and respect.  What great teachers these are!  They should all take a bow and then walk proud in the knowledge of what they are accomplishing today with the young Americans of tomorrow!


Thank you, Mrs. Black, Mrs. Bonin, Mrs. Jordan, Mrs. Richards, and Mrs. Warren!!And thank you kids!!!  YOU have made a real difference in lots of animal lives! 


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