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BHS Recognized by the City of Pasadena

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The City of Pasadena recently held its Volunteer Recognition Dinner, and Baytown Humane Society was recipient of an award thanking the organization for the volunteer work done in Pasadena's Animal Control Facility over the past year.

Several of the Humane Society's volunteers were on hand to receive the award from Pasadena's Animal Control Supervisor, Karen Hoffman and Pasadena's Mayor John Manlove.  Ms. Hoffman expressed her gratitude for the over 800 volunteer hours worked at the municipal shelter in Pasadena, and the countless animal lives saved by Baytown Humane Society's website and adoption efforts.

Marilyn Kinney, Chairman of Baytown Humane Society, comments that, "This particular segment of our work is so fulfilling, and it is a pleasure to join forces with the professionals at Pasadena's Animal Control Facility.  We will continue with this effort as well as our service to the entire Baytown region.  Baytown Humane Society is growing at an unbelievable rate, and it's so nice to have our work recognized."

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