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Barbers Hill Primary

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These little guys continue to amaze us all! Last year they donated more than $400 to Baytown Humane Society, and already this school year they have raised a fourth of that amount!

The Pre-K classes of Mrs. Diana Black at Barbers Hill Primary have once again given a sizable donation to help Baytown Humane Society in their work. This time the funds are earmarked for the animal victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. These Pre-Kindergarten children were treated to the "101 Dalmatians" theme this Halloween. Mrs. Black and her assistant teachers were in full Cruella Deville costume and the children were thrilled to meet Lu-Lu, the Dalmatian that Marilyn Kinney of Baytown Humane Society brought to the school when she was presented with the children's donation of (coincidentally?) $101.

Thank you Children!!!

Your kindness to the animals is remarkable and your efforts are appreciated by the creatures who are helped because of them. You are a great group of young Americans!


Marilyn Kinney, Chairman

Baytown Humane Society

Barbers Hill 2004 Pre-K Classes Donate to BHS

AARP was established for the growing force of those folks over 55 years of age. Maybe a similar organization should be established for those under the age of FIVE!

At Barbers Hill Primary School, the morning and afternoon classes of Mrs. Diana Black have shown they can bring about change, even at the average age of FOUR! What WILL this group be equipped to do when they reach 55??

We should all take a lesson from these little tikes! They found something to believe in, set a goal, and didn't stop till they accomplished it and more! These little guys raised more than $300 for the homeless and abandoned animals in the care of Baytown Humane Society!

Their original goal was $200, but when they overshot that mark, they just raised the bar to $300. They have gone over that goal, too, and are still putting money in the collection box! This is definitely personification of the little engine that said, "I think I can, I think I can."

We heard about one little boy whose Mother finally told him one day, "We've put a dollar in that doghouse bank every day for quite a while, now; and this is the last one I'm going to give you." That was a week ago, and he's still showing up with a dollar every day. We hear that he's started hitting up his Grandpa and Aunts & Uncles! A case study in, "if you find an obstacle in your path, find a way around it; and don't lose sight of your goal!"

These children, their teachers, their parents and extended families should all be commended for allowing and assisting in this effort! The children are learning invaluable life-lessons in helping others, accomplishing goals and teamwork.

The Humane Society can do an awful lot for the animals with this much money. Three hundred dollars is a major contribution in anybody's book, and we are thrilled that the children have thrown themselves into raising funds for the animals.

Hats off to Mrs. Black and teacher's assistants, Mrs. Tina Neff and Mrs. Debbie LaGrange, for suggesting the project. They are cultivating a very special group of children at Barbers Hill Primary. These are fine young Americans already showing great potential. They should be very proud of themselves!

On behalf of all the animals who will be helped with this donation, Baytown Humane Society says, "Thank You, Kids!"

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