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Barbers Hill Kindergarten Tikes Do It Again!!

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Barbers Hill Tikes Do It AGAIN!

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow or even Hurricane Ike can stop the goodness of very young children and their families!  Once again, Mrs. Diana Black's kindergarten classes have shocked and amazed us with their gifts to the animals!  With the aid of Mrs. Tina Neff, Mrs. Black has been successful in teaching children at a very young age about the virtues of caring for animals, helping where you can, and being consistent with your efforts.  Principles of life that any good parent would like their children to learn.

Earlier this month, Abby, a rescued Hound mix, and I visited the children of Mrs. Black's two classes.  We had been scheduled to go earlier, but Hurricane Ike delayed that visit.  Many of the families in Chambers County were hit very hard by the storm which makes what we found there even more remarkable.  These children have raised $130.02 with their Pennies for Pets drive so far this school year!  Their contribution is truly significant and so very appreciated since in the wake of the storm, donations have dropped off.

Abby and I did show and tell.  We showed the children what a wonderful dog Abby is and told them how she had been homeless, sick, and in grave danger when she was rescued.  We showed them her spay scar and told them about how dogs should not be allowed to reproduce since there are more of them here now than there are homes for.  We showed them how to behave if a strange dog approaches and told them to always ask permission to pet someone's dog before trying to touch it.

  We showed them the condition Abby is in now, and told them about giving their pets good food and clean water to help keep them healthy.  We showed them how much money they had accumulated in the box to help the animals, and told them about how that helps us treat animals like Abby for heartworms.

Then Abby just showed them how much she appreciates and loves them.  She visited with every one and, hopefully, made a sweet memory in each child about how they were able to help an innocent, homeless animal who had no one else.

Thank you, Mrs. Black, Mrs. Neff and the children in your classes!  You are wonderful to teach the children other good lessons in addition to the normal lesson plans; and your efforts not only broaden the scope for these children, but it helps the helpless animals, too.

Below are some pictures of the children interacting with Abby.  She loved her first foray into visiting in the schools, and she truly loves those children!  They seemed to like her, too!!  =)

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