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Barbers Hill Kindergarten Has Done It Again!!

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With the inspiration and support from their teacher, Mrs. Tina Neff, these babies raised $817.22 in the 2018/2019 school year to support our work at Baytown Humane Society!

Now keep in mind that these are children whose ages range between five and six years!  Kindergarteners!!  Mrs. Neff made sure that these young children were educated about what Baytown Humane Society does to help animals in need.  She also taught them basic principles of caring for their own pets and being kind and helpful to homeless pets.

Thanks to Mrs. Neff, these children understand better than most adults the plight of homeless animals and that of rescue organizations!  And, they care enough to donate monies that they could have spent for candy, toys, etc. for themselves.  They LOVE doing their part in helping save animals, and they were committed to making a substantial donation!

The children at Barbers Hill Kindergarten began working with our Pennies for Pets Program back in 2004!!  They have been staunch supporters under the tutelage of Mrs. Neff for almost all of those 15 years!  They are a powerful force...not only in helping us; but, they also share what they learn with the adults in their lives.  The ripple effect is amazing!

This year their donations are earmarked for Jake!   He is the dog who was chained in the woods (on private property) for 3 years that we know about.   He was understandably in horrible shape when we got him, and his vet bills continue to mount; but, these children have lessened the financial burden significantly!  We are very grateful for the support from Mrs. Neff and these Barber's Hill Kindergarten students!

KUDOS to Barbers Hill Kindergarten and Mrs. Tina Neff for educating beyond just the basics.  Thank you for teaching these children about compassion, sharing, and supporting a cause that is worthy of their consideration.  All extremely important values to carry with them into adulthood.   THANK YOU!!

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