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Barbers Hill Kindergarten 2014

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Barbers Hill Kindergarten Students Help Again in 2014!


As another school year draws to an end, the children at Barbers Hill Kindergarten, under the guidance of their fantastic teacher, Mrs. Tina Neff, have donated just under $1,300 to Baytown Humane Society for the care of rescued animals in our Program!  In return, they have learned a lot about proper care and treatment of animals, and about contributing to a worthy cause.   Both valuable lessons to be learned and utilized throughout their lives! 


Buck, a rescued, neutered male Boxer mix, visited kindergarten classrooms throughout the school to say a personal 'thank you,' and to give the children a look at what happens when people give money to help animals.  The children loved him, and the feeling was mutual!   


Thank you so very much, Mrs. Neff, for being such a wonderful teacher and giving these children a well-rounded education in their very earliest years! 

 They will fare well, if they keep in mind all that you have instilled!

Marilyn Kinney, Chairman

Baytown Humane Society

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