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Barbers Hill Kindergarten - Donate at Christmas!

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Classes Donate at Christmas!

The children (average age 5) in Mrs. Diana Black's and Mrs. Staci Bonin's kindergarten classes at Barbers Hill have really outdone themselves this time!

Together, these little tikes collected $228.79 by donating their change, and sometimes dollar bills, to the cause of helping homeless animals in the Baytown/Mont Belvieu area. Remember, these children are five years old and just look what they have accomplished!

Thanks goes out to every one of them AND their Moms & Dads and other family members who provided the funds for these little guys to put in the collection box! What a great value to instill in your children by encouraging them to give to a cause that helps bring health and new homes to sad, hopeless creatures. These children are exhibiting more responsibility than the adults in the area who perpetuate this suffering in animals.

A special Note of Appreciation is due Mrs. Black and Mrs. Bonin for making this entire learning experience possible in their classrooms! They have been involved in this Pennies for Pets collection for a number of years now, and because of them many animals have received proper medical care that they might not have gotten otherwise. And this isn't to speak of how wonderful it is to add this learning block to the standard school criteria. Thank you so much, Ladies! Many animals will enjoy a better, healthier Christmas because of your leadership in this effort by the children.

Thank You and Merry Christmas to Mrs. Black, Mrs. Bonin and all the children in their classes whose donations make it possible for more homeless animals to have their first Merry Christmas!

Puppy Puckers and Kitten Kisses to each of you!

Kids Come Through Again!! Fall 2006

School has just begun and Mrs. Diana Black's kindergarten class has already collected $59 for Baytown Humane Society's animals in need!

The children bring change, and sometimes dollars, to put in the little BHS doghouse collection box in their classroom. Mrs. Black raises the standard in education by teaching children at this young age (~5 years) about caring for animals and how to share when a cause is one you believe in and want to support.BHS brought Lou-Lou, the Dalmatian (a rescued dog himself) who LOVES children, to be present when the funds were collected and to give love and kisses in return for the children's donations.

Perhaps the banner in the class room said it best:

Kids are Special People!

THANK YOU, children and Mrs. Black for helping to make it possible for Baytown Humane Society to help another homeless, chained, or injured pet! Your contributions are meaningful in many ways and we are truly grateful!

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