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Barbers Hill Kindergarten

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Barber's Hill Kindergarten


Barber's Hill Kindergarten has raised another whopping sum for the animals in their 2015 - 2016 Pennies for Pets fundraising efforts!    These little tykes, under the guidance of teacher, Mrs. Tina Neff, have once again shown the power of giving lots of little gifts to make a very big one! 

These children, (not even in the first grade, yet), have raised over $1,738!!   They are absolutely AMAZING!   Year after year, they learn about proper care and treatment of animals, how to be responsible pet caregivers, and the plight of animals in need of rescue.  Every year, they do what they can to help!  And, their efforts truly do help in a big way!! 

One little guy in particular deserves to have his effort for the animals applauded!   This is Kaden, an entrepreneur before his years on earth even reach double digits!  =) 

 Kaden decided to sell lemonade to raise money for the animals.  He then donated ALL the proceeds ($100) to helping rehabilitate some sick or injured dog or cat.   


It so happens, that Charlie is undergoing treatment for heartworms at this time.  Charlie came to Barbers Hill Kindergarten to thank all the children for helping him and others like him, and he got to spend a little one-on-one time with Kaden!   

Thank you, Kaden!!

Thanks goes out to all the children who donated to our cause and an extra special tip of the hat to their mentor, Mrs. Neff and Barbers Hill Kindergarten know how it's done!  They know that Education and Action bring Results!  

 Thank you, Everyone who worked to make this happen!!   You are Amazing!!!

 Marilyn Kinney, Chairman

Baytown Humane Society


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