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AVID Is At It Again!

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AVID Is At It Again!

For the third consecutive year, Ross S. Sterling High School students attending Mrs. Robin Richards' AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) class have collected pet food, toys, collars, leashes and money for the animals that Baytown Humane Society works with daily.

This year these enterprising, determined, and resourceful young people collected an astonishing $900 and an entire truckload of items for animals. We (BHS) distributed the items among the animals in our program, and the animals at two area shelters that work with and hold the same philosophy as Baytown Humane Society in regard to rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of domesticated animals. All totaled that's more than 165 homeless animals who benefited immediately from this act of kindness of these special high school students.

The monetary donation will go a long way towards veterinarian services for sick and injured animals, or to simply provide lifesaving vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries for otherwise healthy animals coming into the BHS rescue program.

 AVID class and Mrs. Richards  should all be very proud of their accomplishment and anyone who knows members of this class should take a moment to congratulate them for what they have done. It is a grand show of teamwork and achievement that will help many animals become cherished members of the grateful families who adopt them.

BHS sends a collective "Thank You," to Mrs. Richards and every single AVID student at Ross S. Sterling High! You are an outstanding group of young achievers who are showing others how it can be done!

Ross Sterling High in Baytown has a wonderful group of students who are members of AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination). These special young women and men have once again chosen to work in support of Baytown Humane Society and collected and donated a mountain of pet food, toys, beds to be distributed to animals in need.

Additionally, they produced a donation of over $690 in their fundraising efforts of just one week! One AVID member even donated a large fiberglass dog house to help with our goal of providing shelter to dogs who have been relegated to living outdoors.

This energetic and goal-oriented group is led by their teacher, Mrs. Robin Richards who should receive special recognition for her remarkable work with these students.

Through the AVID program, Mrs. Richards is instilling values and goal-achievement principles that will serve these young people well throughout life! And they are exhibiting a maturity and responsiveness that would make any parent proud.

Thank you AVID members for your continued support of Baytown Humane Society and for making such a difference in the lives and futures of countless homeless animals in the area.

You are to be commended!

Marilyn Kinney, Chairman

Baytown Humane Society

AVID 2005 Donation

Ross Sterling High has a very noteworthy group of students who are members of an organization called AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination). These energetic and determined few decided that they wanted do something to help the animal victims of the recent hurricanes, and under direction of AVID Coordinator & Sterling High teacher, Mrs. Robin Richards, they did just that!

First, they collected pet foods and supplies to help out with the influx of Louisiana animal victims in the area. They donated an entire truck load of these much needed provisions. BHS distributed this and several other loads of food to those who needed it here and then to Beaumont and points east of there to help the hurricane-weary shelters maintain their animals.

Then, AVID raised over $550 to further assist by replenishing vaccines lost during the storms and helping out with expenses that dramatically increased due to the rising number of animals in need of medical attention.

What a wonderful group of young people! So many animals were left behind during evacuations, and they suffered terribly. With compassion, AVID reached out to those animals through Baytown Humane Society, and gave them much needed assistance to become healthy and happy again.

Ross Sterling's AVID members and their leader, Robin Richards, deserve accolades from the Community for their outstanding efforts to help those most in need during such a trying time.

Thank you all,

Marilyn Kinney, Chairman

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