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AVID 2009

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Even in these uncertain economic times, Ross Sterling High students who participate in the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Program have once again defeated adversity and come through for the animals!  

They are ingenious in their methods of collecting pet food for homeless animals, and in raising much-needed funds to support the medical needs of those homeless pets enrolled in Baytown Humane Society's Foster Home Program. 


We so very much appreciate the continued support of these exemplary students who are learning valuable principles that can be applied to all areas of their lives from now into the future.   Through this AVID Project, they are witnessing how each of them personally can make a difference, and collectively have a major impact on a project. 


Along the way we hope they are learning a bit of the harsh reality of what homeless pets suffer without help from humans, and that this knowledge will encourage them to respect and be kind to animal-life in total.  It's amazing what one good heart can accomplish for another when there is the desire to do it.

Thanks to the hard work by AVID students, BHS volunteers get a helping hand in our hard work!   The food gifts were distributed to animals in need in our Program, and also to some Meals-On-Wheels recipients whose pets needed food.   The financial gift of $622.43 will help defray the vet charges for medical attention needed by animals already in our program as well as those to come.


AVID!  Your support is very important, and we at Baytown Humane Society and all the animals you have helped this year and in years past send a big "Thank You" in unison!

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