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AVID 2008

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The AVID classes at Ross Sterling High School and at the new Goose Creek Memorial High School have done an amazing thing!   These wonderful kids and their AVID Coordinators, (Robin Richards at Sterling, and Robbie Magness at GC Memorial) have just helped a LOT of animals with their generous donations of pet food and money!


AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and is comprised of motivated, determined, and hardworking high school students who know how to get a job done.  Mrs. Richards and Mr. Magness are their mentors and guides toward whatever goal they decide to accomplish. 

Sterling's AVID classes have been staunch supporters of the work we do at Baytown Humane Society for several years now.  They have collected and contributed a LOT of pet food and supplies over the years, and their financial donations have been amazing!  This year was the most amazing yet!  A truckload of pet food, and their 2008 monetary gift tallies to $1,760.24!!!!   WOW!   Extremely significant, and terribly needed! 

Goose Creek Memorial's AVID classes surprised us when they called to say that they, too, have collected pet foods and funds!  We had no idea they were doing this!   GC Memorial is a brand new school, and still AVID managed to coordinate their efforts and donate a large amount of pet foods, and they raised $225.50 on their first time out!    Fantastic Job!!!


Our very sincere thanks go to the participating AVID students at both high schools!   You really have made a big difference in the lives of many animals!  Donations have plummeted since Hurricane Ike, and your kindness is truly touching. 


Mrs. Richards and Mr. Magness are instilling wonderful values and teaching these exceptional students principles that will serve them well throughout life.   Thank you both for helping to develop good, strong, young Americans and for doing so much to aid the helpless animals along the way!


Here are just a two of the dogs that your gifts will offer hope and good health to:


Duke - An Ike survivor who was afraid of everyone and living in rubble.  Thanks to a kind woman who fed him daily for weeks until she could gain his trust, Duke is now convalescing in a BHS foster home - but he has heartworms.   He will have to undergo treatment for that as soon as he is strong enough to withstand it.


Lucy - Another Ike survivor who was in really terrible shape upon rescue.  She's only had the basic vaccinations and still has to undergo spay surgery, removal of a tumor from her side, and heartworm treatment.  She's not yet well enough for all of that, but when the time comes, it will be very expensive to bring Lucy to the adoptable state of health.  But she will get there, thanks to the help from contributors like AVID!

So AVID, we thank you sincerely for your help in paving the way for Duke, Lucy and others of these animals to find good health, and ultimately safe and loving homes!  Your hard work is very much appreciated, and your good deeds truly make a difference. 


Thank You!


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