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Ashbel Smith Elementary

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Ashbel Smith Elementary

Last week Baytown Humane Society was asked to visit Ashbel Smith Elementary School in Baytown to receive a very large donation of dog and cat food, treats, and toys!   The effort was decided and promoted by the school's "Apache Safety Patrol" which consists of fourteen 5th-graders under the guidance of the school's Counselor, Ms. Erika Leal.

 It is so inspiring to see students this young show that they are learning to 'give back' and to donate to such a worthy cause as helping animals in need.   I explained to them that these goods will go to chained, neglected, and often abused animals in the Third Ward.  These animals often go hungry for long periods of time, and then most are fed only scraps.  This offering of food is truly a much-needed and life-altering boon to these particular animals!

A sincere "THANK YOU" goes out to Ashbel Smith's Apache Safety Patrol, Students, and Counselor Leal for this thoughtful and vital donation!  Keep up your good works and PLEASE always keep animals on your list of deserving causes.



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