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Alamo Elementary

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About 85 children sat lined-up around the walls of the gymnasium of Alamo Elementary School recently, waiting for the arrival of Baytown Humane Society's representative and Woody, the ambassador for all rescued dogs!

The children represent the 4 Kindergarten classes at Alamo who participated in the Pennies for Pets program for Baytown Humane Society this year.  This is the fourth year that Alamo has implemented the Pennies for Pets program, and these little tikes raised $210 this year!  AMAZING!

They heard Woody's story and then were each given the opportunity to see, touch, and sometime get kisses from him, personally!  It's hard to tell who gets more from that part - the children or Woody!   Both enjoy immensely the contact!

Thank you so much Alamo Elementary for allowing and promoting Pennies for Pets to help Baytown Humane Society provide quality care for as many of the homeless and helpless animals in the area as possible.  And, Thank You, teachers, for encouraging these young children to donate and support a worthy cause.  It is such an important concept to show children this young, how small donations from many can add up to make a real difference in important work to be done.

Your kindness is appreciated by BHS and most certainly by the pets who will directly benefit  from it!     Oh, and, Woody says, " Woof-Woof!"   (That means, "Thank You!")


The Alamo Elementary School kindergarten classes of Ms. Tonya Franco, Ms. Javona Jordan, Ms. Sandra May, and Ms. Kristine Smith have once again executed a very successful "Pennies for Pets" program this year.

Pennies for Pets is a program started by Ms. Jordan several years ago whereby the opportunity for teaching children to count to 50 and teaching them to donate to a worthy cause, work in tandem to provide a wonderful donation to the homeless animals in the care of Baytown  Humane Society!

The children learn to count using pennies as counting tools and then, at the end of the semester, all the pennies are gathered as a donation to benefit homeless animals in the area.  This year they collected 21,268 pennies!!!

This amounted to a wonderful donation in the amount of $212.68 to Baytown Humane Society!

Lu-Lu and I visited the school early one morning recently, where I spoke to the children about responsible pet ownership.  Lu-Lu said a personal and up-close "Thank You" to these darling little tikes who collected and donated so much money to help the animals.

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