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4 Our Kids Learning Academy

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4 Our Kids Learning Academy

Raises Funds for Baytown Humane Society

Children, ages 4 to 12, at 4 Our Kids Learning Academy in Baytown collected for their first Pennies for Pets program earlier this month! These youngsters put their spare change in the doghouse banks for two weeks and collected a total of $55.28 to help homeless animals in need.

Gay Lynn Prescott, of 4 Our Kids Learning Academy, spearheaded the effort at the Academy and arranged for us to bring rescued dogs in to visit with the children when they finished their collection campaign. Patty Howell and Jan Ping representing Baytown Humane Society, took Nala and Buddy, two rescued Yellow Lab mix siblings, to the school to let the children see what their money can help a rescued animal become. It was hard to tell if the children or the dogs had the most fun!

Thanks go out to Mrs. Prescott and the teachers of the classes who participated in the Pennies for Pets project. The children learn so much with this effort... That being a donor to a worthy cause is the right thing to do; that animals are definitely a worthy cause and that their donations can truly bring about change in a homeless pet's life.

The children each got a little trading card with either Buddy or Nala's picture and a few words printed on it. Great fun was had by all! Below are a few of the photos that were taken during the visit by BHS representatives and rescued dogs, Nala and Buddy!

Buddy & Nala join us to send a heartfelt " Thank you " to the children of 4 Our Kids Learning Academy! You do good work!

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