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Baby, It's Cold Outside!!

PLEASE BRING YOUR ANIMALS INDOORS DURING THIS FREEZING WEATHER!!!   They feel the cold just as you would, if you were outside with no warm place to huddle.  This kind of cold is miserably painful to have to endure....and there is no reason they HAVE to endure it. 


Baytown Humane Society has a very limited number of doghouses that have been donated and we would like to see them go to animals who have the misfortune of being relegated to the outdoors.   If your dog needs a warm place or if you know where there is a dog who has no shelter from this frigid weather; please email us ( ) to see if we still have a house available for that animal.  


Using hay in a doghouse or even in a wind-protected corner for your dog to lay on helps insulate them against the cold much better than blankets or towels.  Be generous with the hay so they can make a nest, being sure there is some barrier between them and the ground, even if it is a thick covering of newspaper with hay over that.  An entire bail of hay isn't expensive and can be used over several months, regularly pulling out the old and putting in fresh.  PLEASE don't make them suffer!!!   Providing even just this little bit will mean so much to a shivering body!    Also, heating their food a little will help ward off the chill from inside out.  Please think about your pets!!  They aren't wolves... they depend on You to keep them safe and warm!!  Please don't let them down! 

Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services 'Cold Weather Care'

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