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Application To Foster OR Adopt

Estimated time to completion:  10 to 15 minutes

Double click on photo for more info.

Why this animal?

Is this your first experience with a pet?
I would like to ...
If adopting, please tell us the reason(s) why (check all that apply)

Double click on photo for more info.

Many Veterinarians require that we have permission to speak with them. Please call and let them know that a representative of Baytown Humane Society will be contacting them. Thank you.
Who Is Your Veterinarian?
Almost Done...

How many years have you lived at your current address?

Number of people living in the home?

Are the other adults aware of your plans to adopt or foster?

Do you or any members of your household have pet allergies?

Do you or any members of your household smoke?

Double click on photo for more info.

What preventives do you use?

How often do you feed your pets?

Type of residence?

Do you rent or own your home?

If renting, does your lease allow pets?

Is your landlord aware of your plans?

Landlord Name:

Landlord Phone:

Do you have a swimming pool?

If yes, is there safety fencing?

Do you have a pet door installed?

Is your yard securely fenced?

If yes, what type?  Check all that apply...

How tall is the fence?

Are the fence gate(s) locked?

By submitting this application, I agree that:

  • I am age 18 or older & a decision-maker in my home.

  • I have answered the above questions truthfully.

  • I am gainfully employed or have a steady stream of income.

  • My home & family will be made available for a home visit at our mutual convenience.

An error occurred. Please make sure all required fields are answered then try again.

Your application has been submitted to BHS.

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