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Did You Know About This Feature On Your Vehicle?

Yet Another Reason To Leave Your Dog At Home

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I learned about a ‘feature’ on my vehicle that I had no idea was there, and that makes me shudder when I think of possible scenarios for pet owners who take their pets along for the ride when running quick errands. 

The ‘feature’ is referred to by different names, depending on the manufacturer of your newer vehicle. It seems that in order to reduce emissions and to prevent accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, an engine that is “idling in park” is programmed to shut off after a predetermined period of time.  When your car shuts off, so does the air conditioning.

That period of time varies, depending on the manufacturer, with some vehicles allowed much shorter idle-in-park time than others. 

PLEASE ask your mechanic/dealership or search your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle is equipped with this ‘feature!’ 

While it is best to leave your pet(s) at home if they can’t go inside your destination with you; we all know that pet lovers will take their animal along thinking, “I’ll leave the car running with a/c (or heat) on, and my baby will be fine.” 

Please don’t run the risk! 

Heat exhaustion is a horrific way to die.

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