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People Tributes

Baytown Humane Society

1934 - 2024

In Memory of Frankie Brewer

Frankie Brewer

Patricia and J.D. Avant      -   Baytown, TX

Baytown Humane Society

In Memory of

Mrs. Frances Ellington

Mrs. Barbara Watkins  -  Baytown, TX

Baytown Humane Society


In Memory of

Dana Burgess Smith

Lila Friederich     -     Baytown, TX

Baytown Humane Society

In Loving Memory of

Paul Ray Henderson

Bryan Cahill         Los Angeles, CA

Twilla Revelle

Baytown Humane Society

Aug. 15, 1949 - Jan. 10, 2024

"In Memory of Don Hughes' legacy"

Donald (Don) Keith Hughes

Tracy Blalock

Baytown Humane Society

1962 - 2023

"He loved helping animals in need."

Robert Barth

Teresa Alaniz     -   Houston, TX

Baytown Humane Society


In Memory of

Clifford McCleskey, Jr.

Doris Simkins    "My sympathies to you, Brian, and your family."

Law Office of Neil G. Baron         League City, TX

The Elfstrom Family       Texas City, TX

(Charles, Maggie, Ray, Debbie, Russ, Gina, Marty and Natalie)

Baytown Humane Society


In Memory Of

James Paul Estetter

Mr. David Lewis                 Bentonville, AR   

Ms. Susan Blair                    Spring, TX  

Alice Lopez

Deborah Jahnke

Baytown Humane Society


In Memory of

Terry Wayne Victory

Donor:   Ellynn Luke Smith    -    Coldspring, TX

Baytown Humane Society


In Memory of

Judy A. Gill

 Fred and Carol Bonar    -   Baytown, TX

 Preferred Management Svs.   -  Houston, Tx

Melody A. Steele   -  Shadyside, OH

Kelsey Hathaway Bierman

Linda & Tommy Hathaway    - League City, TX

Al Schoen    -  Shawnee, Kansas

Jan & Ronald Gill     -  Galena, OH

Baytown Humane Society

In Memory of

J.C. Morris

Elaine and Ken Brainard            Richmond, TX

Carole and Don Thornton            Kyle, TX

Baytown Humane Society


In Memory of

Robert Baten

Michael Acosta                          Mont Belvieu, TX

Yvonne & John Bish                New Braunfels, TX

Kay Coffey                                   Hull, TX

Paula & Michael Pipes            Houston, TX

Space City Credit Union,       Houston, TX

  (Craig Rohden)


Baytown Humane Society


In Memory of

Carla Adcock

Rhonda and Phillip Chandler    -   Baytown

Keitha and Larry Macon     -   Baytown

Baytown Humane Society

In Memory of

Mrs. Nora Brown

Elsie Marie and Jake Lindgram -  Roachdale, IN

Baytown Humane Society

In Memory Of

Jerry Eppler

Jessa Johnson - In Memory of Jerry Eppler

Baytown Humane Society


In Memory of Tom Harrington, Jr.
"He was a kind and gentle soul."

Tom Harrington Jr.

  • Nancy Wray - "He was a kind and gentle soul."

  • Dean Mohlman - "Tom was such a kind and caring man."

  • Ed and Cissy Peveto -  "In Loving Memory of Tom Harrington, Jr."

  • Rick and Beverly Benet - In Memory of Tom Harrington, Jr.

  • Howard Mitschke - In Memory of Tom Harrington, Jr.

  • Amanda Suter -  In Memory of Tom Harrington, Jr.

  • Richard & Jane Copeland - In Memory of Tom Harrington, Jr.

  • Jane & R.C. Griffin - In Memory of Tom Harrington, Jr.

  • Lois Hoffman - In Memory of Tom Harrington, Jr

Baytown Humane Society

In Tribute to this outstanding young lady
and her devotion to helping animals

Leila Esso

Katherine Sinclair

Baytown Humane Society


In Memory Of

Pam Cordray

  • Jean & Kirk Voitle   -   Richmond, TX

  • Karl Rehder   -   Wimberly, TX

  • Amy St.Denis  -  Jacksonville Beach, FL

  • Jackie (Keating) Boelsen   -   Mont Belvieu, TX 

Baytown Humane Society

1927 - 2020

In Honor And Memory Of

Mrs. Betty Duvall

  • Dana Benoit of Richmond, Texas

  • Michael Till of Houston, Texas

  • Linda Pochyla of Richmond, Texas

  • Joe Robinowitz of Scarsdale, New York

  • Ellen McGowan of El Paso, Texas

  • The Bert Winston, Sr. Foundation of Richmond, Texas

Baytown Humane Society

1955 - 2019

In Honor And Loving Memory Of

LeAnne Barron

  • Floyd Barron of Mont Belvieu, Texas

  • Sandra Boudloche of Bluff Dale, Texas

  • Amber Dunahoo

  • Summer Norman of Canton, Texas

  • Kathy Weaver of Dayton, Texas

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