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Adorable Adoptables



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This is Tinker -  "Tink" for short!   This little doll was found along a country road, skinny and scared.   But, just look at her now!!   All well, shiny, and happy to be alive!

Tinker is a little less than 11 pounds and thought to be only 10 - 11 months of age!  She is obviously blessed because she was rescued; but, we have to mention the cross on her chest, too!   =)

There are differing opinions about her heritage... Most agree with the Chihuahua part, but then some think Dachshund and some say MinPin.  But we ALL agree that she is a precious little dog and is going to be a wonderful addition to some lucky family.

Tinker has been wormed, fully vaccinated, tested Negative for heartworms, spayed, and microchipped.   She is ready to find her forever family!!

She is good with other dogs, no matter their size and she loves people.  She is also Very affectionate and loving to her humans. She is house trained with a dog door.   She is very active with all her puppy energy, but Tinker is a good girl and hasn't destroyed anything in the home.  Lots of toys, exercise, human interaction, and a little discipline always results in good behavior!  =)

If you believe Tinker will be a good fit in your home and you can give her the life she deserves, please apply for her today!


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