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Adorable Adoptables



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Tatum will spend the rest of her life in a great home and every ounce of her will be loved and cared-for like she has deserved all along.  This beauty is approximately six years of age and is fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and treated for heartworms.  Tatum is the total package of affection and protection.  Her German Shepherd heritage makes her one of the most loyal companions any family could hope for, and just her size and bark will ward away any possible evil-doers!  =)   


Tatum does well with other dogs and with all humans, big and little.  She is the Queen in the foster home surrounded by other GSD's, a Hound, and various and sundry little dogs.   She is fine with them all as long as they do not try to take her toys, her bed, or her food.  Tatum protects what is hers!  =)  However, a human can go take any and all of these things, and she doesn't mind at all.  This girl knows her place! 


She does well on-leash and in the car.  She is house-trained, has a calm, friendly demeanor, knows "sit" on command, and responds when called.  She will be a great companion to some lucky family who wants a dog well past all the training stages for house-training, chewing, digging, barking, etc.   Tatum is a finished companion with years of love and devotion left to give!


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