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Adorable Adoptables

Scrappy (Courtsey Post)


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This is a Courtesy Post - meaning Scrappy isn't in the BHS Program, but we are assisting in his adoption by showing him to a larger audience and accepting applications on behalf of his rescuer.  Scrappy has received all the vaccines and has been neutered and microchipped, just as if he was a BHS dog.   Thank you for considering Scrappy!  He's a doll!!

Please meet Scrappy!! Not sure why he has that name, other than the fact that he was scrappy enough to survive on the streets long enough to be rescued! But, his personality is Not scrappy at all; instead, he's a lover of all other living beings! He does very well with the resident Boxers in the foster home.

The vet believes him to be only 5 to 6 months old! We aren't sure of his dominant breed; but, he's going to be a big, beautiful boy when he's done! He's already started on his puppy shots, and the neuter appointment is set!

Scrappy has proved to be quite the swimmer! This boy LOVES the pool and can swim like a fish...well, maybe not as gracefully, but he gets it done!

And, in case you have missed them, just LOOK at those eyes!! Couldn't you just look at those for hours??  Oh, yes, he's going to be soo handsome!

If you think you might be interested in giving Scrappy a great home and sharing his happy, loving attitude for years to come, Please complete the online adoption application.


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