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Rudy is Ready for his permanent home! This beautiful creature is equal parts Motion, Humor, and Affection. He is overcharged with energy, but you can't stay mad at him because you will find yourself laughing before you can exact any discipline! And then he will come to you for snuggles and wags; only to charge off for more fun...and so the cycle repeats!

Some of Rudy's interesting traits:

*He plays hard but then cries like a little girl, if someone nips his ear. Absolutely a boisterous, non-aggressive sissy!

*He isn't afraid of thunder, and in fact, runs outside, throws his head up to the heavens, and barks a booming bark of 'bring it on!!'

*He will hide your shoe... just one of each pair he can find within reach. He doesn't chew them...just hides them and then sits looking so innocent while you scour the room, only to find one behind the door, and another under the pillow on your bed.

*He is a bed-hog; but, to be so big, he cuddles like a bunny.

*When he tee-tees, he just barely lifts his leg. Really just kinda leans to one side.

*He has about 22 white hairs on the very tippety-tip of his tail.

* He can't decide between a regular bark or a, you get a bit of both when he denounces thunder.

We aren't sure of his heritage, but we do believe he's mostly German Shepherd, although of the 'redheaded stepchild' variety.

This sweet boy is fully vaccinated, neutered, micro-chipped, and tested Negative for heart worms. He is house trained, doesn't dig or chew, and doesn't bark unnecessarily (except at the thunder.) Loves toys and going for car rides!

We are looking for a home with a lot of patience, and with at least one other like-sized and energy-filled dog. If there is an older child or an adult who likes to run, Rudy is your boy; but you had better wear your fastest sneakers! He is a happy, goofy, lovable dog who will win your heart

Rudy really is a great dog and his puppy spirit will wane with time. If you are interested in sharing life with this quirky, happy boy, please complete the application