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Rossie is a tripod German Shepherd who has no concern whatsoever that she is missing a leg!   She still goes on walks, plays with the other dogs (and cats) in the home, and runs to her foster Mom for scruffles.   


She is GSD through and through, and all those strong, wonderful GSD traits are fully intact!   =)  She requires lots of exercise and mental stimulation; and, she can be a little pushy with other large female dogs.  Rossie has a comical, lovable spirit; and will steal your heart while you watch!


She was rescued from the street, literally!   She had been hit by a car, crushing her leg into the pavement.  When people stopped to help, the man assumed to be her owner, removed her ID and walked away, leaving poor Rossie to whatever fate there was to come.


Luckily, she was surrounded by Angels and has received the medical care she required to survive that horrific injury.   She has been cared for and loved by an awesome foster family who helped her through healing.  Today, Rossie is fully recuperated and a very happy girl!


She is house trained, leash trained, and kennel trained.  At about 2 years of age, Rossie weighs approximately 65 pounds and has been wormed, vaccinated, treated for heartworms, spayed, and microchipped.    


There is nothing left to do to make Rossie's life perfect, except to find her a great home of her own.   That's where YOU come in!   If you are interested in giving that great home to Rossie, please apply for her today!   


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