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Adorable Adoptables

Pom Pom


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This absolute jewel is as sweet as she is beautiful!   She had been dumped in a neighborhood bordering a busy highway.  The neighbors all posted about her, but no one took her in - for weeks!  But, then, a BHS volunteer saw her plight and wouldn't stop till this dog was safe.


What we know about PomPom is that she is a young German Shepherd mix who had given birth in recent months.  No pups were found with her, and we searched the area for days after PomPom was captured.


She has now gained back her weight, been wormed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed!   Just needs to add a good home to be absolutely PERFECT!


PomPom got her name because of the way she waves that pom-pom of a tail she is blessed to have!    What's left of the tail bone stops about about 3 inches short of the bushy little pom-pom fluff that you see at the end.  =)   PomPom is a natural cheerleader!!   She definitely know how to wave that pom-pom!!  :)


She was very skittish at first, and afraid of the other dogs in the foster home; but, it didn't take long for her to settle into the comfortable lifestyle they were enjoying and decided to become friends with them.  PomPom is good with people and other dogs, but will give a squirrel a run for the money!  Look at the photo, here, showing a squirrel looking down and giving her a good talkin'-to!   So, we believe a home without cats will be best. 


She loves her toys and has not torn up any of them, (maybe thinks they are her babies, now?)  nor has she chewed any furniture or shoes!  She appears to have been house-trained, already, as she has never had an 'accident' in the house. 


PomPom is quiet and accepts whatever situation you put her in without complaint.  She does not dig or bark unnecessarily; and she rides beautifully in the car.   She is a very grateful and compliant girl who loves to show and receive affection!   She is going to make some lucky family VERY happy for years to come!   


Apply today, if you are interested in making PomPom the newest member of your family!!


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