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Adorable Adoptables



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Marti was dumped by a homeless man!   How does that happen, you ask?  Well, the man tied her to a line of shopping carts in the parking lot of WalMart, boarded a transit bus and never returned... In August... In Texas.. 


But, as bad as that is, it turned out to be a good thing for Marti, as she is now safe, healthy, and very happy to be rescued!  Marti is a young girl of unknown heritage, weighing about 39 pounds.  She is equal parts energy and affection; although, she is a little defensive upon first meeting anyone new... but, give her 2 minutes and you have a new friend who wants to play!  


Marti is good around dogs of all sizes and really wants to play with them.  She WILL play all by herself, though, if given some toys.  She will pounce on them, growl and shake them, and toss them in the air only to retrieve them to do it all over again.  But, her best play time is with other canines, or perhaps an older child or two!  


She sleeps with the Foster Parents and loves that; but, she can be encouraged to sleep in her own bed on the floor.  She learned to use the dog door very quickly, and has not had a single 'accident' in the house.  Her Foster Mom says that Marti takes treats very gently from fingers, is good on leash, and likes to look out the windows during car rides.  It appears she had puppies at some

point, but there were none with her...she's not much more than a pup, herself.


All in all, this little girl will be a great addition to some lucky family.  She has been fully vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and tested Negative for Heartworms.  Now, we only need to add a great home and Marti will be on her way to a great life


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