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This little beauty is Lilly!!   She's still a pup at about forty pounds and 7 months, so she has a bit more growing to do!  She's a Black Lab mixed with who-knows-who!   Lilly was rescued from the side of a country road where she had apparently been dumped.  Extensive searches did not produce an owner.

Her Foster Mom declares she has never fostered a more loving dog!  Lilly will literally hug you and absolutely loves to be right by you or on your lap while watching TV.   I hear from reliable sources that Lilly is also a great sleeping partner!

The next-best thing about Lilly is that she does not shed!  We have no explanation for why that is; but, we are very happy about it!  This dog is turning out to be pretty flawless!

Lilly does great with other dogs, and loves to play, play, play!   She LOVES her toys and is proud of her possessions.  No matter how many times you put them up, she will pull them all out again!  She does not chew on furniture, but you better not leave paper lying around or it becomes Lilly's!

She is crate-trained and she has been house-trained with a dog door.   She knows basic commands and is reliable on 'Sit.'   'Come' and 'Stay' are hard for her, but she tries!  =)   She's great in the car and loves to 'go.'

All in All this is a near-perfect pup who is at the right age for adjusting to a new environment and routine.  She has been fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped.   She is playful, but loving!

Lilly has many years ahead of her and we want her to enjoy those in a loving forever home.  She will bring lots of love, fun, and hilarity to some great family who will incorporate her into their lives.

If you think that family is yours, please apply for Lilly today!


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