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Adorable Adoptables

Brody (Courtesy Post+


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This handsome boy was rescued from an animal hoarder a few weeks ago. He was filthy, covered in fleas; and, of course, there had been no vetting.

The rescuer named him Brody, and took him to a vet who gave him his vaccines and scheduled him for neuter. He tested positive for heartworms; but, we all know that is totally treatable.

He is thought to be approximately a year of age and currently weighs about 60 pounds. But, the vet says he is underweight and will gain more since he gets good and regular meals, now. =)

Brody does well with people, young and old; and with other dogs, too. He is young, and so happy now that his life is headed in the right direction! His energy is boundless. He loves chasing the ball and sometimes gets the zoomies just from joy. 

He is also very affectionate. Dogs know when they have been rescued and are always so grateful. To be the recipient of the love and loyalty of a rescued dog is a feeling like no other.

Complete the application if you feel you can give this sweet boy the love and attention he deserves! Brody has many good years and lots of love and fun to share with his future family!!


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