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Adorable Adoptables



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Bobbi is ready for her permanent happy home!   This little girl definitely paid her dues and deserves a wonderful life from this point forward!


We believe Bobbi to be a Minature Pinscher mix and about 2-3 years of age.  She has been fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.  She tested Negative for heartworms, much to our delight and she is housetrained, too!  There absolutely is no sweeter dog than Bobbi which makes her even more endearing knowing what she has suffered. 


Bobbi was dumped at a truck stop on a busy highway.  She remained there for at least a week, waiting for her human to return.  Of course, no one showed up; and then one night Bobbi was severely injured by unknown means.  We assume she was caught under the wheel of a truck as it pulled away. 


Her tail was manually amputated leaving a 3-to-4-inch stump that was completely degloved.  Because she was determined to wait for her owner, it was impossible to coax her to safety, even though she was in horrific pain.  After several days we resorted to trapping her.  Her tail was amputated, leaving the cutest little bundle-of-wag that you've ever seen. =)  


Later it was discovered that she also sustained injury to her hip - which has also been successfully repaired.   Bobbi is absolutely good as new, and even cuter with her little wagging bob! 


She sleeps peacefully in bed with you, if you allow it.  Such a cuddler!   She gets along great with every single dog she has met, and there have been many!  Sweet, easy-going, quiet, and oh, so loving!  This little girl is truly a treasure and is going to be a cherished member of her new family. 


If you are interested in adopting Bobbi, please complete the online application today.  Don't miss out on this one!! 


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