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Adorable Adoptables



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This Lab mix is a sweet, lovable, and funny fellow whose name is BEAU!   He is about 55 pounds of Lab happiness and we guesstimate him to be 1 year to 18 months of age.  His coat is now sleek and shiny and has a dark rich mahogany tint in the bright sun.  He truly is gorgeous and has that sweet ability to steal your heart while you watch!


Beau does great with the other dogs in the foster home, and is friendly with every human he meets.  He came to the door of a kind family and asked for help after he apparently had been dumped.  All attempts to find the owner were to no avail, and we couldn't find any posting looking for him. 


He has now been wormed, fully vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped.  He tested Negative for heartworms and he's gained weight and confidence since being in a loving home.   Now, he just needs his very own home and family!  Anyone who has ever encountered a Lab knows that they are loyal and loving and will brighten even the darkest day with their antics.  Beau is no exception to those qualities; he will be a wonderful member of some lucky family for years to come!  


If you are a 'Lab Lubber,' then you have found your guy!  And, if you have never lived with a Lab, then you have truly missed out on a wonderful experience!   Now is your chance to change that misfortune!  =)


Please complete the online pet adoption application you will find near Beau's photos on our website:  



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