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THIS Astro is a Winner, too!

Just look at this beautiful dog!! He was apparently dumped in a neighborhood by some loser owners... He wandered around for several days before he found the kind hearts who took him in and have kept him warm and safe these past few weeks. He showed up during the World Series; so, of course, he bears the name and the spirit of the winners! ��

Astro is a young, male German Shepherd mix who is friendly and loving... he doesn't even hold a grudge for being tossed away by losers. He plays nicely with the two resident dogs, (one large male and one small female) and was calm and well-behaved in the vet's waiting room.


Astro rides great in the car; and while it's obvious he's not familiar with it, he walks pretty well on-leash. He learned 'sit' quickly and the finders are impressed with his intelligence and know he will learn other commands easily.


This handsome creature is approximately a year old, weighs about 55 pounds, and has been wormed, fully vaccinated, tested NEGATIVE for heartworms, neutered, and microchipped.


Astro has lots of years and lots of love to devote to his new family! He has his bags packed and he is ready to get on with the next chapter of his life. This is a truly great dog who deserves a great home.


If you can offer Astro a loving and stable home, Please complete his adoption application provided here.


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