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Tough Times

We have noticed that many family pets are being taken to area shelters and relinquished because the owners are having financial difficulties.  But, because of the economic times, adoption numbers are way down   Therefore, many of these relinquished family pets are euthanized in fairly short order because the owner turned them in, thus negating the necessity for giving time for the owner to find the pet!

PLEASE don't toss your pets overboard due to difficult economic times!!  Your pet(s) can be a comfort to you and will stick by you no matter how hard times get.  They would lay down their lives for you and never forsake you in any circumstance.  Don't let go of the one constant source of love and acceptance that you can count on!  You might be surprised how comforting your pet can be, if only you give it a chance.  They don't deserve to be abandoned and die because of human strife!

Ultimately, these times will change and things will get better.  If your pet has been relinquished and euthanized, then there's no changing that.  Hold onto what is good in your life, especially during bad times.  Please!!   Don't give up your pets!!!  Let them be the one constant in your life that can help comfort and stabilize your family.  You will not be sorry you decided to do the right thing and keep your pet safe with the rest of the family.

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