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Halloween Safety Tips


Baytown Humane Society offers these suggestions to keep your pets safe during Halloween.

If your pets are like most, the sound of the doorbell will send the dogs barking and scampering to the door. 

Be sure that they are wearing collars and tags, just in case one should manage to slip out the door.

If you have pets outdoors, please bring them inside or put them in a safe location

away from any mischief that may take place on Halloween night.

Of course, the ghosts, goblins and Elvis's standing at your door will be a frightening sight for your pets. It is much safer for everyone if your pets are kept in another room where there is no risk of escape outdoors

and they don't suffer the stress of thinking their family is about to become Munchie Morsels for the Monsters!

While the candlelit Jack-O'-Lantern is really beautiful, please be sure your pet isn't able to investigate it too closely. 

It could be dangerous for the pet and the entire family, if the pumpkin should be toppled with a candle burning inside.

Please be sure that the "treats" are for the children and not your pets.  Pets are very likely to be sick

if they ingest a fair amount of candy, and chocolate can be very dangerous to your dogs.  

Baytown Humane Society hopes these hints will be helpful in keeping your pet safe on Halloween night when the ghosts and goblins

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