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POSTED 03/24/15


Lola our female black Lab went missing on 3/19/15 from Mockingbird in Baytown. Wears a faded yellow collar with identification on the under side Please call 281/253-9470 if found.


POSTED 03/18/15


Lost puppy five month old black Pit-bull named 'Batman'. He went missing March 9th from Queenswood St in Baytown.    He is very skittish so if anyone sees him please approach with caution. His fur is very thin, ears clipped, eyes are a goldish brownish color, and his paws are big. No collar or microchip.  Please call  832/376-1628.

POSTED 03/17/15


Our brown & tan 4 month old male Chihuahua/Pom mix went missing March 16th. His name is Winston. He has a bright blue harness on. Missing from East Pearce St in Baytown. 


POSTED 03/16/15


Brown chocolate lab with an orange collar that is missing a tag. Last seen 3/14/15 at Ginger Creek neighborhood in Baytown. Possible injury on front right paw, seen limping.  Please call 832/984-7849 


POSTED 02/26/15


We have been missing our female Boxer 'Tilley' since November 2014. She was lost in Highlands, the corner of Jones & Thompson, and she is not microchipped or spayed.

Please call 757/620-6564



POSTED 02/26/15


Tye, medium size grey tabby.  11 years old. Declawed, neutered and very loving. Vanished at 4:30 on February 24th from Kristen Drive in Highlands.  


POSTED 02/19/15


Lost male Rat Terrier named Hunter (pictured left).  He is white  and weighs 14 lbs., 3 years old, missing since February 13th.  Also lost, male Fox Terrier named Biggio (pictured right).  He is 7 years old, 20 lbs, and missing since Feb 13th.  Both dogs are microchipped.  Please call 713/252-1380

POSTED 02/19/15


My 7 month old black Lab (male) went missing on Feb. 11th. I live in the Dayton/Mont Belvieu area off of 1409. He went missing from CR 443. He has a white star on his chest and was wearing a burnt orange collar with tags.  Please contact me at 936/336-0395 if there are any sightings or you need more info. 

POSTED 02/17/15


Black male cat missing since Saturday night (2/14). He's always around the area of North Rd and East Rd. Close to Pirate's Bay. He's a very loved cat but we seemed to have misplaced his collar. Any help is appreciated. Please contact his owner Tania at 713/679-9682.


POSTED 02/10/15


Jewels is a female Bull Terrier, last seen on February 11th around 7am.  Jewels is missing from the East Point neighborhood near Garth. 

Please call 713/397-5391 if you have any information.  REWARD for her safe return.

POSTED 02/10/15


Our 15 year old partially deaf/blind Boxer/Mastiff mix is missing . Last seen at Sabo and Beltway 8 on February 3rd.  Contact Jason at 713/628-2070 or Ashley 281/633-1257 or with any information.



POSTED 02/07/15


"Rogue" blue & white Pit Bull stolen/lost since February 7th.  He has a blue ear and eye patch.  Missing from Highlands. Please call  832/578-8445.

POSTED 01/31/15


Marley disappeared in the back yard of Ivie Lee Street Baytown, Texas 77520. He is a medium sized dog and has a ID  tag. He also has a microchip.   He went missing Friday, January 30th, 2015. I just moved here from out of state. Please call me at 720/937-6910 if you find him so I can get him home safely.


POSTED 01/26/15


We lost a 4 year old gray and white male neutered cat from Lanai housing edition in Cove, Texas around January 1st, 2015.  If found please call  832/729-8716

POSTED 01/15/15


Rex is an Australian Shepherd.  He is missing from 900 Steele Rd, (near Jones and Thompson Rds) Highlands, TX.   Ran away when the fireworks started on New Years Eve.  He's friendly and loves kids. 

Please contact Jodie at 281/426-3451, if you have any information about Rex.


POSTED 01/12/15


Missing fluffy female cat that is unique in color with a bushy black tail.  She is mostly black with tortoise shell coloring with patches of orange tabby with one black leg and one tabby leg in front and half of her face is orange tabby in color and the other is black.  She was last seen Wednesday, January 7th, in the evening in Hunter’s chase subdivision on SH146 close to I-10.  She is a strictly indoor cat.  If you have any information, please call 228-424-6812.  REWARD for her safe return.


POSTED 01/07/15


Lost tan/cream female Pit Bull, "Rynonna" (6 to 9 months old - 20-39lbs) December 31st.   Last seen in Crosby, 77532
If you have any information please contact Cody 832/339-3028.

POSTED 01/07/15


Lost male Beagle HWY 146 near I-10 area in Baytown. Near Hunters Chase, Country Meadows, and Pinehurst subdivisions, and surrounding area please keep an eye out for him. His name is Cobra; about 6 years old; black, brown, and white; identifying thin white stripe between his eyes, and white tip on his tail. Missing since Jan 5th, 2015. Owner: Liz 281/703-8636


POSTED 01/06/15


Lost Monday, January 5th, from North Main and Northridge Dr, next to the vet's office. 'Astro' is a 5 year old cat, he is big and orange with long hair. Please help me get my cat back home, we miss him dearly and he is a inside/outside cat. He comes in every night, and that night was the first night he hasn't ever come home.  REWARD for his safe return back to us. My phone number is 832/289-6670


POSTED 01/04/15


We have lost our 9 month old blue/white American Pit Bull, named Jesus. We live on Maryland Street in Baytown and he was lost December 31st.


POSTED 01/01/15


Our dog went missing on 12-31-14.  He is a Chihuahua he was last seen on the corner of Cedar Bayou Rd and Alexander.  Please contact 281-224-5040 if found.


POSTED 12/29/14


Punky Brown was lost from Logan's Point Apartments near Garth Road in Baytown on December 28th.  She is a 9-year-old Shih Tzu mix.  Punky is sick and requires daily meds and a special diet.  Please contact 832/798-3593 if you know anything about Punky's whereabouts.   


POSTED 12/28/14


I am looking for a dog I was dog-sitting for my friend.  On Dec 26th, around 5:30, he escaped my gate on E Humble St. in Baytown. He is a Pug named Jabba.  He's 6 months old, very friendly and weighs about 10 lbs. He had no collar or tag on him sadly. He does have some medical issues. He has seizures from time to time if he's outside for awhile. If he is found please call: 281/515-7136.

POSTED 12/23/14


Our family dog, Molly, disappeared from our back yard in the early morning hours of 12/23/14. She is a all black, short haired, stocky and extremely friendly. She has 3 lumps on the left side of her snout which should make positive identification very easy. I bathed her a few days ago and neglected to put her collar back on so she is lacking any tags. We reside in the Eastpoint subdivision proximal to the intersection of Stone Bridge and Eastpoint Blvd.

POSTED 12/23/14


Lost my best friend, my Chihuahua, he has tan fur. He weighs five pounds and was lost on Dyer St, in Baytown.

Please help, 281/427-7842 or

POSTED 12/22/14


Our cat Cookie has been missing since early November, but we can't give up. He is a large orange tabby cat. Cookie is 9 years old and my 2 sons have grown up with him. We believe that he was trapped by a neighbor and dumped somewhere in the Highlands or Baytown area. If you think that you may have seen him please contact me at 281/635-5505 or by email at

POSTED 12/16/14


My 3 year old dog has been missing! He has mostly black fur with a little white fur. He's a large dog!

Please help, 281/781-3486 (Jessica)  I live near the mall in Preston place, he got lost Friday night Dec.12th.


POSTED 12/16/14


I’m missing a white terrier (Westie) male, he is micro chipped, and he is about 6 years old.  He has been missing since the week before Thanksgiving.  I live on the lake in Anuhuac, Texas and have put signs out everywhere, Please help me find my dog!  My name is Tishe 713/899-5473.

POSTED 12/12/14


My dog got lost Friday December 12th at Idlewood in Baytown.  It is a black/white Havanese boy – not neutered, he will be 3 years in January.  He is microchipped .

Please contact: 713/907-2226



POSTED 12/12/14


Jason is lost. He has a white chest, black collar with tags, and he is microchipped.  He is 3 years old. He was last seen in Pine Meadows neighborhood on 12/11/14 


POSTED 12/11/14


Male, Domestic short hair / Flame Point Siamese , more of a crème color rather than white.  Has some orange markings.  We think he may have been dumped somewhere in the Baytown / Mont Belview area.  We live in Deer park area.  Last seen on Saturday night, November 29th.   Call Michele 832/493-8651


POSTED 12/11/14


Scooter is a 9 year old long haired Chihuahua, white with a light brown tan color. He was last seen off of  Ammons St. behind the Dairy Queen on N. Main St. around 6:30pm 12/9.  He did not have a collar on and he is not microchipped. I can be reached at 832/339-2190 or 281/635-8876 REWARD


POSTED 12/08/14


Lost Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Liam. He is a brown retriever that gets mistaken for a Chocolate Lab often. He is 1 1/2 years old and approximately 75 lbs. He is super friendly and has never shown any signs of aggression. He is the most important thing in my life and I'm afraid that someone may have taken him. He was last seen in my yard in Highlands, TX Saturday night. He may have been taken, or possibly released from my yard by a thief looking for stuff. Please contact me any time day or night  832/341-5019. Please I am offering a REWARD for his recovery.


POSTED 12/08/14


Our German Shepherd went missing on Friday Dec 5th, 2014 around 2 p.m. from E Wallisville Rd in Baytown, near Goose Creek Memorial High School.  Rocco is 10mths old about 80lbs and  very friendly, he is black with dark tan almost reddish orange coat. He is not neutered and doesn’t have a collar. This is an old picture of him when he was a puppy. There is a REWARD if he is found. Please call Tony 713/857-1590.


POSTED 12/03/14


My mom lost her dog yesterday morning.  He, along with her other dog were viciously attacked by 2 very large dogs on their property in a RV Park (their next door neighbor).  In an effort to get them to safety, one ran off.


His name is Sebastien, 5 yrs old, white Bichon/Poodle mix.  If not freshly groomed, his hair is curly like a poodle.  He has some light brown areas on him as well and even a little black thru the long hair on his ears.  


LAST SEEN: The attacked happened at 6am yesterday morning 12/2/20114 at RV Park address: 3101 N. 14 - near N. Alexander & Crosby-Cedar Bayou.  


He may be hurt because her other dog (Mini Schnauzer) is in bad shape, will have surgery for dislocated & torn shoulder ligaments.  However, he was able to run off. He is microchipped and is always wearing his collar with tags.






POSTED 11/30/14


Emma went missing November 30th while I was out of town.  She escaped through a hole in the garage where she was staying.  Last seen on Iowa Street (Old Baytown) wearing a black collar with purple skulls.  She is all white with a few black spots on her back and ears, blue-green eyes, 3 months old, has a little birthmark on her ear. She has a pink nose with black spots on it. There is a REWARD if she is found.  Please call Jasmine 281/683-0609.

POSTED 11/29/14


Our two Chihuahuas got out thanks to our bigger Lab while we were out of town late Friday night. The are missing from Highlands.. The lab has been returned as of this morning. 
They are both similar in color.  One is a short haired Chihuahua and the other is a long haired.  I thought they both had their collars on but seeing as we have not received a call maybe they do not. Their names are "Jax and Boomer"

POSTED 11/19/14


Please help us find our lost Maltipoo dog, black with a black collar that reads “Bad to the Bone”, last seen in the Cotton Creek subdivision in the Barbers Hill area, he is not micro-chipped, not neutered, and has recently lost his tags. REWARD Please call 713/210-9436 or 281/974-6791.

POSTED 11/17/14

We lost our Blue Heeler on Wednesday, November 12th around the Country Club Oaks subdivision. Sheila is sweet but usually very timid around strangers. Please contact Sandi at 281/216-9837.


POSTED 11/14/14


Lost dog “Wolfie” white, Lhasa Apso. 16 years old.  He is deaf and partially blind. He is white with a little black on the tips of his ears and when his hair is longer you can see some brown on his back.  He has arthritis and often limps.

He was lost on Friday November 7th in Crosby.  Sunday night (the 9th) a lady called and said she had picked him up (within minutes of his getting out) and had him with her while she ran errands in Channelview. She said he jumped out of the car near the intersection of Bear Bayou and Pecan St. in Channelview on Friday.    Call Myra – 281/682-6684

POSTED 11/14/14


Our cat came up missing on Monday November 10th from the Alexander & Raintree St area in Baytown. If seen please contact Jennifer at 832/477-2265.

POSTED 11/08/14


My cocker spaniel went missing on Saturday, November 1st, in Plantation. His name is Franklin and he went missing along with Oscar, my mom’s Poodle/Yorkie mix.  Franklin’s microchip is (chip # 981020005231005). I can be reached at 281/839-4397.


POSTED 11/06/14


Ace is a 3-month old Pit Bull who was last seen at his home on Fort Worth Street at Homan Ave in Baytown on Tuesday, November 4th.  He was not wearing a collar/ID nor is he microchipped.   Please contact 832/784-4542 if you have any information about Ace!

POSTED 11/06/14

Missing Yorkie from Springfield subdivision off Lavage Ln. in Baytown since Monday November 3rd.  Female, named Laila, no tag/collar on her, weighs approx. 8.4 lbs. Hair is longer now than in picture, this was taken a few months ago right after a groom. Please help me bring her home! My phone # is 832/814-9569

POSTED 11/03/14


Hank. 1 year old purebred Bassett Hound. Camouflage collar; no tag/no microchip/not neutered. Missing since 11-2-14 from Burnett Dr in Lakewood.



POSTED 10/24/14


On October 20th, our two female Boxers went missing from their home on Hunters Peak Lane in Hunters Chase Subdivision on Hwy. 146 N, Baytown, TX.  Both are brown and white in color, one is 7 years old, and the other is 3.  They were each wearing collars, but they have NO TAGS and NO MICROCHIPS.  There is a picture of the older one, DD; but, there is no photo of Ally, the 3-yr-old.  If you have any information about the whereabouts of either or both these dogs, Please contact Daniel at or call 281-328-1494. They are missed terribly by their family.


POSTED 10/19/14


This is Lil blue, female Chihuahua went missing 10/16/14 from her home in Highlands. She is 5 years old and has been spayed.  She is Not wearing collar/tag or microchipped.  Please call  832/701-8702, if you have seen her.



POSTED 10/13/14


My Chihuahua is missing. He may have been hit by a car on Northwood Dr and Garth Rd on or around Saturday October 11th.  My neighbor told me she saw him get hit by a car.  A lady got out, picked him up, and was cuddling and rubbing him.  When I got home his body wasn't there so I don't know if he is dead or alive but his name is 'Saint'.  He is white with light brown spots and he has a lot of muscles.  I miss him and love him so much. Please call Tammy if you have information regarding Saint -  832/339-7314


POSTED 10/08/14


Lost female brown & white Chihuahua named 'Diamond' wearing a pink collar (no tags).  Missing from Bay River Colony Subdivision since October 5th.  Please call 832/542-2960 if you have any information regarding Diamond.

POSTED 10/08/14


Jacks is a male Pit-bull bully. He was stolen from me right in front of my home October 6th around 3:00pm on N. Battlebell Rd in Highlands. He is around 7 months old. He's coat is white & brindle, docked ears, and last seen wearing a black and white collar with tiny white bones. He means no harm and is in no shape or form a threat to anybody.  I'm afraid who over took him from me is going to harm him.  Please contact me at 832/597-8961. There will be a REWARD to who ever returns him home safely.

POSTED 10/05/14


This is Dixie. She is 1 year old Pit Bull that is reddish / brown and white. She is friendly and fun. Her ears are cropped to short since birth and at the time she disappeared, she was suffering an ear ache. She went missing from the Lynchburg area by the ferry. We live behind the Four Corners Bar Barbeque on Decker Drive and Interstate 10. She disappeared 3 days ago and we are completely devastated by this. My daughter is 4 and since she was separated from her brother and sister, she clings on to Dixie for constant love and companionship. Please call 832/994-8662


POSTED 10/05/14


I lost my 7 year old neutered male, brown and black tabby/domestic shorthaired cat, with a light tan/cream belly with dark spots of fur toward the middle of his belly.  His tail has a black tip about one inch long and a few brown and black circles toward the end of his tail as well.  His tail usually points straight up.   His name is Invisible and right now it sure fits.  He is a friendly cat but can be hard to catch because he was always kept inside.   He got out the door Friday morning,
October 3rd, 2014 at Willow Creek RV Park at 2305 N Highway 146, Baytown  77520.  Willow Creek is where the freeway crosses the old 146 business road also called N Alexander. Willow Creek is also side by side with Casa RV Park on the freeway right before the railroad tracks between the freeway and Bob Smith Road.  I can be reached at
281-515-7805.  If there is no answer, please leave a message saying where you may have seen Invisible and I'll get back to you ASAP. 
Thank you.  I don't have much but I'll try to come up with a reward for your help.


POSTED 10/03/14


Amigo has been missing since Monday, September 29th, last seen in Chaparral Village wearing a bluish brown collar. He is a German Shepherd and is missed dearly. REWARD if found.  Contact: Jose 713/876-5927 or Veronica 832/677-5570


POSTED 09/30/14


Please help finding our cat, Vinny. He is 4 months old and solid black. He got out if our house on Saturday, September 27th in the Devinwood subdivision off of Hwy 146. Please contact me at 713/805-0735.

POSTED 09/23/14


Please help me in finding my dogs Toto (mixed breed, right) and Rojo (English Bulldog, left). They got out through the backyard and couldn’t be found anywhere.  Missing Sept. 22nd around 4pm in the Eva Maude Subdivision off Kipling St near James Bowie Elementary and Cedar Bayou Jr. If returned a REWARD will be given.


POSTED 09/16/2014


I have lost my cat Lexi. She is a 9 year old domestic longhair with a gray coat and white underbelly, long hair on her ears and paws, she has green eyes and is very shy. She was last seen on Friday Sept. 12th around 10pm. The street is Marigold Rd, cross street Dahlia.  Please contact me at any of the following  Imelda 832/800-0399  or Paul 281/223-3123


POSTED 09/15/2014


Lost cat last seen on East Road at our residence across from Pirates Bay water park in Baytown Texas. She's beige in color has long and very soft fur. She may have some dark areas of fur in certain areas. She has been spayed as well. Sadly I have no photo.  Her name is simply kitty kitty. Sometimes if you approach her she will roll over on her back and move her head from side to side...Very cute. She loves the cat treats called Temptations and if you shake the bag she will come running to you. Please, if you see her anywhere or find her Please call me at 281/702-6435 or 281/422-7575. 


POSTED 09/12/2014

(original post 08/12/14)


Missing English Bulldog named 'Gracie'. She was last seen August 9th at 11:00 am off Channelview Rd. in Anahuac.  She is brown & white with bald sides that appear black and shiny.  She is very friendly and spayed.  She had on a black and white zebra collar with a rabies tag and a pink name tag with my phone number on it. She has never spent a night outside and is treated like a baby.  REWARD for her return. 409/267-4321 or 575/691-5891.  


POSTED 09/12/14


Nova is a Rottweiler, she has been missing since Sep 2nd from the West Meadows neighborhood in Baytown.  Please call me if seen. She is a family dog and she is missed dearly.  Call  832/341-5415    



POSTED 09/06/14


This escape artist took off last Friday morning (8/29) and we haven't seen him since. Lost from W Wallisville Rd and Magnolia, in Highlands. He usually runs down the road and around for a few hours then returns...not this time. He has a collar...think his is blue, but no tag right now. We call him Hugo...very friendly and approachable...likes to jump up on your leg for hugs. He is a tree climber, fence jumper, cat wrangler and quite a talker (he howls at the sirens before we can hear them!). He is a little over 4 years old and we miss him! Please call Jessica  713/851-5746


POSTED 09/05/14


I lost my Maltese Coco today off of New Jersey St in old Baytown.  My kids are so sad please return her if you picked her up she has a loving home.  She is all white her hair is cut into a puppy cut she has black eyes and has a little curl to her hair she is very quiet and scares easy she is also wall eyed but is very cute. 

POSTED 09/04/14


We have lost our family pet dog, Athena.  She is about 55 pounds and she was last seen on Aug., 29th, 2014, near Hwy 565 and Old Irish Farm Rd. in Old River, TX. She is a very sweet & friendly dog and never meets a stranger.

POSTED 08/25/14


Missing Schnauzer & Pit bull in Baytown, near Mcnair in Kings Colony Subdivision on August 17th. Contact 281/421-1818 if found. 


POSTED 08/12/14


Bastian is a male Golden Retriever mix, less than a year old. He disappeared August 11th some time after 4pm in Old River Country subdivision. He was wearing a blue monster collar, but NO tag and NO microchip.

If you know anything about where Bastian is now, please call  832/265-8879.


POSTED 08/11/14


Lost German Shepard from Lee Dr and West Main area (behind the Family Dollar) since August 7th. She is Microchipped and wears a shock collar and a pink collar. No tags. Please contact Edie 281/428-8515 or 281/795-8754 or Dia 832/339-3777



POSTED 08/05/14


Lost dog. Went missing around 8/2/14. Brown lab mix with one white front paw.  Goes by the name Sassy. About 55 pounds of sweetness.   Her family and her sister miss her! She is micro-chipped. Lost near Eagle Pointe in Mont Belvieu. 

Contact 281/303-9200 or 281/413-6339 


POSTED 08/03/14


We lost 2 dogs on August 2nd.  One black lab mix named Sadie and one brown mutt named Daisy. They are both female. We live in Chambers County and we're on Ponderosa Pine St.  

POSTED 08/03/14


Boston Terrier, black and white with some brindle on her rear end, went missing in Mont Belvieu Saturday, Aug. 2nd. Her name is Gizzy. She is extremely friendly and is greatly missed. Please call if you have seen her. 281/917-5332 

POSTED 07/25/14


My dog went missing today from Utah St. in Baytown.  She has an old scar on her head and the side of her leg.  If you see Khloe please call 281/760-9198.   REWARD


POSTED 07/25/14


Lost July 24, 2014 between 6-9pm. Last seen in Old River Mont Belvieu. Her name is Stormy, she is a 7 month old Italian Greyhound. She is blue with white on her paws and chest. She has a white tip tail and a white spot on the back of her neck. Please call 713/870-5671 with any information.

POSTED 07/25/14


Lost July 8th, 4 month old female cat missing from Country Club Oaks -St Andrews

Call or text to 832/868-5002


POSTED 07/08/14


Sunny is a male tan/brown standard poodle with golden eyes.  He was last seen in July 7th in highlands near battlebell road near the railroad.  Please call 281/853-4412 if you have any information on his whereabouts.   CASH REWARD for his safe return. 

POSTED 07/08/14


Tina was lost on Mable St. in Highlands, July 5th. Please contact 281/732-5841 if found. No collar. $175 REWARD

POSTED 07/07/14


Abby is a 10-mo-old Boxer missing from West Meadows subdivision off of I-10 near Thompson Road.  She was wearing a collar, but NO TAG and she is NOT MICROCHIPPED. Please call: 832/414-0424.


POSTED 07/07/14


Missing Dapple Dachshund. 'Maggie' was last seen on Saturday, July 5th between 3-6pm around the corner of Kilgore & Ward Baytown Texas. She has one blue eye & one brown eye. Please contact 281/979-7878

POSTED 07/06/14


Missing Reddish-Brown mixed breed medium sized female dog named Gunner.  Identifying mark:  she has a tiny little Mohawk on the top of her head.  Last seen July 4th 2014 in Springfield Edition near Garth and Wallisville Rd.

POSTED 07/06/14


Lost male yellow Lab mix. About 60 lbs and 2 years old. Was being boarded in Baytown on Hardin Rd when he got out at 11:30pm on July 4th. Answers to the name 'Cash' and is wearing tags.  $1000 REWARD  Please do not chase Cash if you see him, just call  979/758-4431 or 832/414-1977  or  310/729-9263

POSTED 06/09/14


We are missing our Yorkie.  Last seen in Meadow Lake Village off Sequoia & Breda. 


POSTED 06/05/14


Missing:  Timid cat in the Lakewood Subdivision/Bayway Drive area of Baytown.  She is white with gray spots and her tail is bobbed.


POSTED 06/02/14


Holly has been missing since Friday, May 30. She dug a hole under our backyard fence which is located in the Bayou Oaks subdivision off of Raccoon Dr. She is an 11 year old yellow lab, has a white face, and is extremely swaybacked.  My name is Maria and I can be contacted at 281/222-5249. 

POSTED 06/02/14


Penny, a female Boxer, dug under the fence and escaped while we were out of town on May 29th. We live in the Springfield subdivision.  Please call 281/705-4351 if you have seen Penny.

POSTED 05/24/14


On May 20th, I lost this female seal point Siamese mix. She is spayed and approximately 9 years old. She is tan with dark brown tips and has blue eyes. She should be wearing a purple collar and nail caps.


POSTED 05/20/14


My cat Chica is small, gray with a little white, medium long hair female and possibly pregnant.  She was last seen on May 19th near Shady Hill Dr. and she is very nice kitty and she will go up to you and loved to be petted. My husband and I are missing her so very much.  We have no kids and she is like a child to us.

Please Call 281/731-2990 or 832/695-8391.


POSTED 05/20/14


I have lost 2 cats within 1 week in Country Club Oaks Subdivision on Burning Tree Dr.  Last Sunday 05/11/14 was the last I saw my Bengal cat, about 10 months old.  The other cat was last seen yesterday 05/18/14, Sunday evening. Both cats last seen on Sunday one week apart.  Both are spayed and neutered and should have tags with my number 281/683-6554.


POSTED 05/13/14


Large, gray, long-haired female cat with gold eyes.  Last seen in Springfield Estates subdivision on May 10, 2014.


Please call:  832/607-7050  or   713/409-5176   $$$ REWARD $$$


POSTED 05/12/14


Squirt is 3 years old about 15 lbs and loves his mommy and daddy as much as we love him.  We have no children just him and now he is gone, please bring him back!  Last seen in the Pirates Bay Water Park neighborhood May 10th around 8am.

Please call or text 409/779-3969 or  REWARD if found.

POSTED 05/04/14

My dog Coal slipped his collar Friday around noon at Hwy 146 & N. Alexander.  He's around a year old half lab & pit bull mix. He's extremely playful and friendly. Since I moved to this neighborhood he's been over excited about exploring new territory and he's extremely hard headed.   text only: 281/917-8216  OR if unable to text, call # 409/201-2178


POSTED 04/30/14


Two Yorkie mixes, approx 3 yrs old, named 'Callie' and 'Lillie' went missing 4/28/14 in AM in Highlands Ranch neighborhood.


Please Contact: 832/457-4620

POSTED 04/29/14


Our B&W male cat "Willie" went missing Friday night, April 25th. He was wearing a rhinestone collar. He is handicapped with "Wobblers Syndrome" (CSM). Willie is shy and may be hiding. He can’t climb a fence, but can run fast.  He lives in Baybrook Place Subdivision between North Main and Barkaloo Road on Chad Lane. He will most likely be hiding in bushes or under a building or deck. Please call  281/837-1440,  Cell 713/471-6392,  Work 281/425-8717 if you see Willie!


POSTED 04/22/14


Our female chocolate Lab got out 4/19/14 early Saturday morning.  She is not familiar with the area cause we just moved here.  She is totally LOST right now and we miss her and are very worried about her!  Her name is Lola, she had on a purple collar when she got out and I'm not sure if the tag was on it, but it would have our old phone number still... She's all brown with a scar above and below her left eye, she's 7 yrs old. Lost at MCKinney / 146. 

Please call or text with any information!! 713/614-0502


POSTED 04/15/14


I’m trying to locate a black male Lab (with a white star on his chest).  He has a collar with a name tag (Romeo), but not the correct phone number. Please call me at 832/597-6801, or email if you have any information regarding Romeo.

POSTED 04/15/14


Lost Shih Tzu, 6 years old, named Princess.  She is lost in the vicinity of Briarcreek Rd & Crestbriar Ct. 



POSTED 04/13/14


We have lost our 1 year old white with medium long hair cat. She has blue eyes and is deaf. She usually sits on one tree in the yard but on 04/09, she disappeared.   We are on N Burnett in Lakewood.  REWARD for her safe return. 

Please call 832/525-8871

POSTED 04/11/14


Lost cat missing from the 3200 block at the corner of Maple Drive & Old Oaks Drive.  Murphy is a 5 year old B&W tuxedo medium hair with a noticeable notch in one ear.   If found, please call 1-888-466-3242 microchip# 985121010555997

POSTED 04/11/14


Lost cat missing from Roseland Manor neighborhood.  Rose is a 6lb spayed 2 year old Calico with a notch in one ear. 

If found, please call 1-888-466-3242 microchip# 985121009817041

POSTED 04/06/14


Lost dog.  Brown lab mix with one white front paw.  About 55 pounds of sweetness.   Her family and her sister miss her!

Lost near Eagle Pointe in Mont Belvieu.  Contact 281/413-6339.


POSTED 03/28/14


Our kitten Splat got out of our house about 10 days ago, and we haven't seen her since. She is about 6 months old - a brown tabby with lots of white. Lost near Crosby Cedar Bayou Rd/Sjolander/Baker-extension, close to Jenkins park. My contact number is: 713/419-1782


POSTED 03/21/14


Lost dog named 'Athena', 2 years old APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier) white with brown mask.  She is very friendly!! Missing from Old Irish Farm Rd (off FM 565 North of I-10E). 


POSTED 03/14/14


Please Help us find our Female Yorkie "Princess".  Lost on March 13th on Bob Smith Rd & Bridges Rd (near N.Main) She is a Light Grey and Gold Color and has Long Hair. She is very Loved part of our Family and we miss her dearly especially my Children they are Devastated. Please if anyone finds her or knows where she is please call or text Amanda 409/656-9038

POSTED 03/08/14


Rage is a black Pomeranian mix with a white stripe down his chest. He was last seen March 7th 2014 in the Country Terrace subdivision in Highlands, TX. He's wearing a collar with a Houston Texans tag and his name and phone number.

POSTED 03/07/14


Name:  Ranger
Breed:  Lab/Wiemer Mix
Description:  Wiemer gray with yellow eyes, red collar with tags
Reward:  $500
Lost near Hwy 61, Anahuac, TX on March 1, 2014
Phone #:  409/370-9535


POSTED 03/05/14


LOST!   She's an approximately 6 month old female cat. Last seen on W Homan St off of Park St. in Baytown on Saturday, March 1, 2014.  She is brown with leopard spots. She is a very small cat.  We can be reached at 832/556-9589 or 281/739-2122


POSTED 02/23/14


Ethyl went missing the night of Feb 22, 2014 at the Inverness Apts off of Pruett (across the street from Lamar elementary). She is an indoor cat so probably scared of any people or things.

POSTED 02/21/14


Longhaired Chihuahua, male, 14 years old, needs haircut, bad teeth.  Last seen: Wednesday after 8pm, 2/19/14 at corner of Mossy Oak & Oakhaven in Lakewood subdivision.


POSTED 02/20/14


Toma, a Yorkie, was lost on February 17th from Dyer Street near Houston Street in Baytown. If you have any information about Toma's whereabouts, please contact: 713/545-1484. His owner is searching for him.



POSTED 02/19/14


Emma: All black, female Lab mix, medium size dog, She has a colorful collar. She was last seen February 18th on Fox Drive in Baytown. REWARD  Please contact Priscilla  832/506-1860


POSTED 02/04/14


Dozer is a 4 month old Pit bull puppy that is tan/white with green eyes. He was last seen in the Goose Creek subdivision off Cedar Bayou Lynchburg and Scottwood Drive - Ginger Creek neighborhood.  Please call 832/784-7556 with any information REWARD if Found.



POSTED 02/03/14


Missing from Lakewood Subdivision in Baytown on Tues, January 28h, a fancy Fawn Boxer, Female named "Cookie."
Please call 832/367-4134 with Any Information! 

POSTED 01/31/14

Our dog Diva is a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix (Chi-weenie), brownish red in color, not wearing a collar/tags. She has 2 dark spots next to each other on her right side (like the hair is missing) not shown in this picture. Diva was last seen yesterday January 29th. We live at the Cove RV park at 5511 S. FM 565 Rd in Baytown. Please call or text any time if you see her 601/934-7577 You may also take her to the front office during business hours and they will contact me.


POSTED 01/21/14


Charlie is a male Chihuahua mix about 2 years old. His main color is black with brown/tan markings, he is also neutered. He was last seen on Harris Rd and Vann Rd in Highlands, TX on Saturday Jan. 11 around 6pm. Phone numbers are 832/339-3612 and 281/426-3121.

There is a $100.00 REWARD for his safe return.


POSTED 01/20/14


Missing male Schnauzer, black & gray with some white around his paws and mouth. He was last seen on the 2nd of January in the Springfield Estate's development.$100.00 REWARD for his safe return. Please contact Tiffany 865/332-8665

POSTED 01/20/14


Our male cat Blue has gone missing from Saffron Lane in the Springfield subdivision.  We believe he may have gotten out an open window.  He is a solid gray, possibly mixed Blue Russian cat, declawed and neutered.  He is more on the large size, very loving. No collar/tags and no microchip.  Please help us bring our Blue home 281/508-5396

POSTED 01/13/14


Khloe is a female flashy fawn boxer.  She is wearing a pink collar. She was last seen on January 12, 2014 around 12 pm.  Khloe is missing from the Milby Dale neighborhood near Adams St. and Narcille St.

POSTED 01/05/14


Lost female Pomeranian on January 5th on Stonehenge Dr in Baytown. REWARD offered.  Please contact D'Lynn  at 281/734-8215,  281/667-6961,  832/339-3622. Or contact Baytown Animal Hospital 281/424-5575. 

POSTED 01/04/14


Our 4 year old ShihTzu was lost on December 31st. He was spooked by fireworks over near Cindy Lane and Gouhole Rd. He has blue eyes, doesn't see well, kidney issues that require medications, and left hip issues.

If you see him please call 832/597-1194

POSTED 01/03/14


On December 23rd, I lost my beloved Poodle near Bayway Drive in Baytown. She is a small, apricot Poodle, nearly 10 years old, and blind in one eye. She was wearing a purple jacket when she disappeared.  Please call me any time day or night 281/851-1018.


POSTED 12/31/13


My dog has been missing since Sunday Dec. 22 from East point neighborhood in Baytown.  She is a Labradoodle, chocolate and grayish coat, about 55 lbs., and has a bump on her lower right eye.  Her name is "MJ".    

Please call  832/597-4660 if you have information regarding MJ.



POSTED 12/30/13


Barkley is a yellow Labrador retriever with a small scar on his nose. He was last seen Saturday December 28th around 6 pm when he was given his dinner. He went missing from Pearl St near Ward Rd and N. Alexander. Please call 832/537-5462 or email


POSTED 12/30/13


Charlie is a 14 year old Beagle, last seen Saturday, December 28th in Plantation subdivision in Cove (Mont Belvieu). He is on several heart medications and can't go without them for long.


POSTED 12/23/13


Tri-Color Male Beagle. Black back, brown face, gray chest. Long droopy ears. One year old. Lost November 23rd from our home on Elstree and Pennygent in Channelview.

Please contact me at 832/969-4569.



POSTED 12/21/13


Lost Husky puppy. Near Alexander and East Fayle. Nametag reads Marshall. Very lovable. Last seen. 12/20/2013.

Please call 713/417-0613 with any leads.

POSTED 12/19/13


Brown and white bulldog from Wade Road (south of I-10), recent tumor removal off neck, still has several other tumors that he needs to stay on medication for as well as ear problems.  Very friendly but aggressive to large dogs.  Wearing a red collar but no tags attached due to the neck surgery.  He does have a chip if scanned. Please call Daryl @ 832/457-0011 if you happen to see him or have him contained.

POSTED 12/12/13


Lost 3 month old tan and white Poodle from E Sterling St.  Please call 832/984-1378

POSTED 11/25/13


Apen and Scooby Doo were lost on Sunday, November 24th, from their home on French Place in Baytown. The neighbor behind us was fixing his fence and let them out.  They are very friendly, medium to large dogs.  One is a Husky mix and the other one is brindle mix (puppy from the Husky) Please help find me them they like my children...  REWARD if found and brought back or taken care of and picked up.  Call 832/370-2653

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